Drunk Driver Killed 2 Friends In Car Accident On Night Of B’day Celebration


Despite the countless traffic campaigns, there will always be people who refuse to heed the advice given.

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In an unfortunate incident on 20 October 2018, a well-intended birthday celebration resulted in the death of two men.

Despite feeling the fatigue from work, 25-year-old delivery van driver, Joseph Low Moh Boon, still went out for a night of celebration with his friends, Mr Aaron Prem Michael, 25, and Mr Chioh Hong Heng, 43.

While Low initially planned on staying home as he was tired from work, Chioh insisted that they head out as it was Low’s birthday the next day.

Admitted To Drinking Alcohol

The three headed to a pub in Jalan Besar and Low admitted to drinking some alcohol there. Low also admitted to feeling very tired while drinking.

Leaving the pub with Chioh and Michael in his van, Low was driving at a speed of around 120km/h, which was almost twice the road limit.

News flash: It’s not F1 season in Singapore yet.

Not His First Speeding Incident

At 3.10am, the accident happened as Low mounted a kerb at high speed upon approaching a junction. This led to the van colliding into a tree. The impact was so great that it dislodged one of the van’s tyres.

This was not the first time Low was caught speeding, with the most recent incident happening in January last year.

At 3.30am, paramedics pronounced Chioh and Michael dead. Low was taken to the hospital unconscious.

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On 11 September 2019, Low pleaded guilty to causing the death of his two friends by a rash act in court, not amounting to culpable homicide.

For causing the death of his friends by a rash act, Low could be jailed up to five years and fined.

Low’s lawyer mentioned that his friends had hurried him as they needed to go to the toilet urgently. He also told the court that Low does not know why they are drugs in his system.

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Low is now out on bail at $10,000, and the case has been adjourned to 30 September for a pre-trial conference to determine if Low was under the influence of drugs before the crash.

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