There is Now Durian Mochi Ice Cream, Made With Real Durian Puree, in M’sia

When the first humans stumbled upon the durian, they must have thought it was a weapon from a warring tribe.

Big, thorny, and green, it doesn’t exactly look like something you’d want to put in your mouth.

But then they opened it for the first time and the whole tribe instantly collapsed due to the smell.

But one brave warrior, Dur Dur, bravely went up to the durian, grabbed a chunk, and nibbled on its yellow flesh as everyone gasped in horror.

And when she displayed the look of pure bliss that only durian can bring, the whole tribe started eating it too.

And thus began our journey of eating durian. Now, it’s 2020, and someone has made it into ice cream and stuffed it into a mochi.

There is Now Durian Mochi Ice Cream, Made With Real Durian Puree, in M’sia

If you’re planning to cross the border soon, you might want to visit a 7-Eleven because 7-Eleven Malaysia announced that their stores will now have durian mochi ice cream.

Image: Facebook ( 7-Eleven Malaysia)

Reader Bao: Is this the real life?

Yes, it is indeed. According to Shout SG, these delicious-looking desserts are allegedly made with 100% durian puree and coated with smooth mochi.

And the best part about it?

It only costs RM3 (S$1)!

Image: Instagram (@azween_hashim)

So, if you’re like me and you’re both a cheapskate and a glutton, you could get 5 at one go! (Unless you don’t want diabetes, of course).

Unsurprisingly, it has gone out of stock in some outlets. But keep an eye out for any 7-Eleven you come across in Malaysia and check it out in case!

Image: Instagram (@the_eating_buddies)

Now, if you do manage to get your hands on these delectable desserts, you should know that there’s a proper way to eat them.

According to some netizens, the best way to enjoy these desserts is to defrost it for 15 minutes instead of eating it straight out of the freezer.

Image: Instagram (@the_eating_buddies)

So, what are you waiting for? These durian desserts are surely worth crossing the border for.

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