A Person Allegedly Ordered Durian & Said His Friend Would Pay; Eventually No Payment Was Made


Doing business is hard this year.

Being a durian seller is especially challenging.

Not only were they forced to do online delivery for a product that’s best consumed just opened from the shell, but the prices of durians also dropped and there’s a lack of manpower.

Some durian sellers were even reported for not wearing masks just because they needed to smell the durians.

Durian sellers are very aware of COVID-19 as a result.

But a particular durian seller is asking for all durian sellers to beware of another -VID: A scammer called David.

Allegedly Scammed The Seller Of Durians Worth S$160

In a Facebook post by Fruitsomania (果多多), the seller warns of a David, giving an address and phone number that we won’t show cause we don’t know if this is true.

A signed police report is attached to the post, where the amount scammed of S$160 is shown.

Image: Facebook (Fruitsomania (果多多))

Here’s the story as the seller elaborated in the post.

This David collaborates with a friend, who orders durian from Fruitsomania to David’s house with cash on delivery as payment method.

Oh, by the way, those durians were “Musang King” so S$160 might seem like a lot but it’s probably less than you think.

On delivery, David would say his friend was supposed to pay.

So Fruitsomania asks the friend for payment.

But now, the friend says David was supposed to pay cash on delivery.

David and his friend push the payment to each other, and in the end, they “disappear with no payment made at all”.

The seller suspects that this duo is a serial scammer and asks all durian sellers to “beware of David the cheat“.


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Something Seems Wrong

But wait, something doesn’t add up here.

Image: Imgur

If you were paying attention, you would notice something strange.

Can’t They Just… Not Deliver The Durians?

The apparent method was cash on delivery. Which means that, by definition, no cash means no delivery.

Commenters were quick to point that out.


Also, the fact that the durian seller knows where the alleged scammer lives also means that this David can’t “disappear with no payment made at all”.

Considering that

  • David can’t just move house
  • and this won’t work as long as the deliverer just say “sorry, no cash no delivery”

This scam seems like it’s not very effective.

Which brings the question: could this be a simple misunderstanding?

Needless to say, the police will investigate this so don’t do something stupid like finding out David’s address and phone to doxx him.

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