E-Biker Almost Get Knocked down at a Bus Stop, Got So Angry He Hits the Side Mirror of the Bus


We hear about reckless acts from both e-bikers and drivers on the roads daily, and many in Singapore are hoping that the LTA will impose even harsher regulations on the e-bike community here in Singapore.

Or just scrap it altogether.

E-bike Riders’ Bad Rep

Stories of e-bikers behaving recklessly on the footpaths, the roads and acting like they’re the king of the roads have led to many Singaporeans wishing they don’t exist at all.

After all, we have enough trouble with cyclists speeding on the footpaths.

E-Biker Almost Knocked Down by Bus

On 8 November 2016, a video of a confrontation between an e-bike rider and a bus captain was captured on video and uploaded to the Facebook page, Fabrications about the PAP.

The video did not happen to show what exactly happened at the beginning of the confrontation.

The caption accompanying the video stated that the e-biker was allegedly almost knocked down when the bus was moving off from the bus stop. 

The video showed the e-biker angrily shouting at the bus captain, and he got so angry he hit the side mirror of the bus. 


The Internet Reacts

Remember what I said about the reputation of e-bikers? Yeah, you can guess who gets shot down.




Many were calling for action to be taken against the rider.



Some took the opportunity to rant on the whole of the e-bike community.


Of course, there’s some who thinks it’s better to give the rider the benefit of doubt.

But of course, there’s always that few who made a few more important observations.



On a separate note, LTA is cracking down on e-bikers

As of 7 November, 20 e-scooters have been confiscated from their owners which is not allowed on the roads of Singapore. In addition, LTA has strengthened regulations against unsafe riding on the roads.

They have issued more than 860 advisories to cyclists, power-assisted bicycles and personal mobility device users. 

**All images from Fabrications about PAP Facebook Page

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