E-Scooter Riders Brazenly Blocked Motorists At Yishun Ring Road Despite Their Illegal Actions

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Just when we thought that cyclists on the roads were annoying, this is an upgraded version of it.

On Tuesday (April 9), a bunch of e-scooter users were caught road hogging in broad daylight. This incident took place at Yishun Ring Road.

Yishun is always in the spotlight for its weird happenings such as the infamous cat killer case (or cases, if you may), the weird guy who went around asking for people’s children, and the numerous murders and suicides. Just to name a few.

However, to be fair, incidents involving e-scooters like these happen everywhere and not just in Yishun.


This was originally posted on Stomp, when a stomper by the name Faizal, had encountered them on the road. Through his in-car camera, he managed to record the entire incident which had left him frustrated.

Image: Screengrab from Stomp

In the video, the two riders are seen riding side by side, taking up the whole width of the road.

Annoying much.

Image: giphy

The male rider, seen on the left, has another passenger seated in front of him. Not only is that passenger endangering their own life, but they are also endangering the lives of others.

First, if they accidentally fell off the scooter, she would injure herself. Not only that but imagine the driver behind having to brake abruptly just so they can avoid running over him/her.

Secondly, it’s a bend road. Drivers can’t see far (due to the bend) and might just accidentally hit them.

Faizal said, “It’s not until something really happens… And they have the audacity to block cars from passing them in broad daylight.”

E-scooter rules

In case you didn’t know, e-scooters are not allowed to be ridden on roads since 1 May 2018 according to the Active Mobility Act (AMA).

Under the AMA, there are many rules that cyclists, and riders of personal mobility devices (PMDs), power-assisted bicycles (PABs), and personal mobility aids (PMAs) must follow so as to ensure their safety and the safety of others around them. Of course, people still break these rules quite frequently.

Here are some of the rules, summarised:

  1. E-scooters have to be registered.


Since 2 January this year, it was made compulsory that e-scooters must be registered to declare that they are Land Transport Authority (LTA) approved.

Minors under 16 years-old are also allowed to ride an e-scooter, but the e-scooter has to be registered by someone older than 16.

2. Only allowed on certain paths.

Image: Land Transport Authority

Stated in the AMA, e-scooters are only allowed to be used on footpaths and shared paths (also known as cycling paths).

The only vehicles of such that are allowed to be used on roads are bicycles and PABs.

So in short, those e-scooter users in the video did something illegal.



Image: gfycat


Let’s say that those e-scooter users were caught. Do they face any penalties?

If it was their first offence, they can be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed up to 3 months. Meanwhile, if they are repeated offenders, they can be fined up to $5,000 and/or jailed up to 6 months. And not only that, but their e-scooters can also be seized or later forfeited.

The full list of rules and penalties can be found here.


So e-scooter users, you better watch out. The whole world is watching.

Image: giphy

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