Everything About the Easing of More Outdoor Restrictions That’ll Start from 1 Sept Simplified for You


Ever since Phase 2 started, we gradually made changes to our hermit lifestyles and began heading out.

We were finally able to have sunlight shining down on us physically (minus the sparkle), rather than staring at the rays through our windows.

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Those who love the great outdoors yelped in delight when some sports facilities opened their doors.

Although, things came to a screeching halt when some flouted the rules.

Remember this?

Yeap, all indoor sports halls from ActiveSG were closed on June 28 for thorough disinfection. Reason? Some badminton kakis were cross mixing their players, resulting in a Covid-19 case.

Things went back to normal after that.

After silently observing us from afar and nodding their heads in approval, the multi-ministry task force announced on August 21 on the further easing of certain measures.

More places will be opened up for large-group outdoor exercises. They are:

  • Public spaces within SportSG facilities
  • Parks
  • HDB common areas

21 Sports Facilities Reopening from 1 Sep Onwards For Large Outdoor Group Exercises

According to the Straits Times, 21 sports facilities will reopen their doors from September 1 onwards for large outdoor group exercises. Some these places include Clementi Sports Centre and the Home of Athletics at Kallang.

Before everyone whips out their phones and start WhatsApp-ing the instructors for appointments, do take note of the guidelines.

Instructors will need to register before they can conduct classes

Instructors will need to register themselves first via the ActiveSG site before they can commence classes.

Response via email will be given within three working days to notify instructors on the application outcome.

For those who are conducting their classes at parks and HDB common areas, you’ll have to get approvals by NParks and the respective town councils too.

Class size of up to 50 pax

The total class size will be capped at 50 pax, including participants, the registered instructor and any assistants.


Should instructors be splitting participants into individual groups, each of this group will need to have five participants.

The usual safe distancing rules will also need to be kept to when you’re attending these classes.

Such safety measures include keeping a distance of two meters apart while exercising and bringing your own equipment where possible.

Temperature taking is also required.

Unless the exercise is super strenuous, you’ll need to mask up while doing your workouts.


For those who are keen to use ActiveSG’s facilities, prior booking is required via the ActiveSG app.

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If you’re still pretty hesitant to attend large outdoor group exercises, there’s always the option of working out at home.

You can put on your faded shirt and FBT shorts. No one will judge you.

There are YouTube channels out there which offer many stay home workouts, from mild ones to those which requires you to break out in a sweat.

Or if you can’t get enough of Downward Dogs and Sun Salutations, LuLuLemon’s range of home yoga workouts will suit you well.

So mark September 1 down in your calendar and start calling all your fitness buddies up.


You can check out the announcement here:

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