Eateries Remain Open But Dine-in Is Not Allowed; Compulsory to Take Away


The trending word in Singapore now should be “lockdown”.

While the word isn’t used explicitly by the authorities, everyone in the coffeeshop is using the word.

But soon, no one’ll be in the coffee shop because…

Eateries Remain Open But Dine-in Is Not Allowed; It’s Now Compulsory to Take Away

Whether you’re getting bak kut teh or fish soup, you’d now have to dabao even if the soup dries up the moment you reach home.

As you’d probably know based on other countries’ lockdown, eateries can still remain open but people can only dabao.

And it’s the same in Singapore.

In addition, food delivery services can still continue, though I’ve a feeling that by the time a rider is found, my lunch would have become my dinner.

In addition, Minister for Trade and Industry (MTI) Chan Chun Sing has assured us that our “supply lines and supply chains are intact at this moment and will continue to function smoothly. There’s no need to rush to the supermarkets to stock up as this will only cause disruption to our logistics systems.”

The Ministry for Trade and Industry said, “While patrons and delivery drivers can continue to enter the premises to access take-away services, there will be no dine-in service, and nobody is should consume any food or drinks on-site whilst waiting for takeaway food.

“F&B outlets that remain open must adhere to the enhanced safe distancing measures in their premises, and minimise crowds by ensuring patrons are spaced at least 1 metre apart at all times.”

Yes, that means while queuing or waiting for your food, you need to ensure that you’re still practicing safe distancing.

And by the way, food suppliers, including food and food ingredient production, food manufacturing, food processing, abattoirs/ slaughterhouses, food caterers, importers and traders, and food logistics, cold stores/ warehouses, food safety testing, supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery retailers, wholesale markets and wet markets – will remain open.

So you hate eating hawker food, you can still cook at home.

Welcome to the new Singapore for the next 30 odd days.