Edison Chen Got Aggressive at Man in Live Video & Netizens Supported Edison

Image: Facebook (東森新聞)


You would have thought of many things when you hear the name “Edison”: light bulbs that changed the world, motion picture cameras that make our lives so much better nowadays, record players that makes our MRT journey a tad bit better and whatnot.

All thanks to this Edison.

Image: Wikipedia

Without this guy, our world would be a lot—

Editor: OEI! Not this Edison lah! The other Edison!

Me: Wait, which Edison?

Editor (eyes lit up for some reason): That Edison

Oh, that Edison.

Sorry, let’s start the intro again.


Edison Chen, The Man Who’s Still Active

Lest you’re not aware, Edison Chen, the second handsomest human being in the world (the first is my boss), is still active in the music industry though not that prolific. The 38-year-old Hong-Kong-Canadian rapper is now not only producing music; he’s also the founder of several businesses.

In other words, the 2008 and 2011 photo scandals haven’t made a dent in his success; in fact, he could well be doing better now. Kind of reminds you of a certain photographer in Singapore, eh?

And just recently there was yet another incident and it went viral recently in Facebook.

Weibo Live Stream in Japan

Chances are, you don’t have a Weibo account, so you didn’t know what happened.

A few days back, a netizen from China was doing a live video on Weibo (think of it as Facebook Live or Instagram Live) in Japan when he saw Edison. In the live video, the streamer repeatedly request for a photo with Edison in a passive aggressive manner and Edison understandably snapped in front of his live audience.

Since it happened in Weibo, we might not have known about this until 東森新聞 posted the video on their Facebook Page three days ago (3 April 2019), and it has since garnered well over 2 million views as of time of writing.

As it is in Mandarin, here’s what happened:

So basically, the streamer was walking in Japan, doing a live stream when he saw Edison on the street.

Streamer: Eh, isn’t that Mr Edison Chen? Hi, Mr Edison Chen

Edison (smiling): Hi

Streamer: Can I take a picture with you?

Edison (still smiling): I’m with my daughter, so sorry about that

Streamer: Can I have a picture with you alone instead?

Edison: What did I say earlier?

Streamer: Ok, ok

Edison: Did you hear what I say earlier? Live streaming, is it?


Streamer: Yes

Edison: Scold you on live video, eh?

Streamer: It’s okay (to his viewers): Mr Edison Chen just scolded me. Mr Edison Chen just scolded me. See that? Mr Edison Chen just scolded me. See that? Mr Edison Chen just scolded me.

Edison: Is it funny?

Streamer: Be more polite, would you? I didn’t film you; I was just passing by

Edison: Then why did you turn towards me after you passed by?

Streamer: We’re polite people

Edison (grabbing the camera): Tell everyone, when you see me on the street, don’t be like this. Get it?


Streamer: We’re polite people, okay? We’ve no other intentions—

Edison: Polite? If you are, you won’t turn around and laugh! Okay!

Streamer: I laughed because I said you’re very handsome, you know? I laughed because I said you’re handsome. Don’t need for this, Mister.

(By then, Edison has walked away but the streamer continued to follow him from behind)

Edison: Why are you still filming?! Why are you still live streaming?!

Streamer: You can’t hit me, that’s illegal

Edison: Did I hit you?

Streamer: You just kicked me


Edison: I didn’t hit you. Did you see me hitting you?

Streamer: I can find a lawyer

Edison: Go ahead

Streamer: Bro, my whole family is here. Don’t make this nasty

Edison: What did I do?

Streamer: You’re not civilized, I think. You shouldn’t have kicked me. We’re all polite people here

Edison (standing in front of camera): Hey guys, hello there. If you see me on the streets with this kind of attitude, I’ll have this attitude, get it?

Streamer: I’ve got 100,000 people watching this


Edison: 100,000? My Weibo has got 30,000,000 followers! What do you want?

Streamer: Sorry, Mister…

Edison: You’re still following me?

Streamer: No, I’m going that direction…

Edison: Really? Aren’t you going that direction? Ask your viewers! Which direction was he going?

(Okay, as a viewer, the netizen did turn to follow Edison)

Streamer: I was going to buy an umbrella…

Edison: When I’m with my kid, don’t mess with me!


Streamer: I’m not filming you, I was going to buy an umbrella…

Edison (pulled the camera to face him): WHEN I’M WITH MY KID, DON’T MESS WITH ME! You 100,000 or 200,000 viewers, when you see me on the street with my kid, DON’T MESS WITH ME!

Streamer: I really wasn’t filming you…

Edison: Are you done? Are you done?

Streamer: I’m just passing by.

(As Edison walked off, the Streamer followed him again—against the direction he said he was going)

Edison: Are you still filming? You go the other direction!

Streamer: Wah ****

(Streamer turned around, then turned to face Edison again)

Edison (shouting): Are you still filming me?!

Streamer (walking away in the other direction and talking to his viewers): I really wasn’t filming him.  I just wanted to buy an umbrella…

Netizens Slammed The Streamer

A lot has happened since then.

The incident received lots of media coverage, primarily for the streamer’s rude and passive aggressive manner, and the lies he made (e.g. said he was not filming when he was). He even received death threats.

The backlash was so strong that the streamer updated his viewers in a separate post, claiming that he was considering suicide after it went extremely viral.

On the other hand?

Edison was praised—because if you’d have realised, he was apparently very polite when he first declined the man’s request.

But everyone was impressed with how he protected his daughter, and the fact that he was sincerely angry only because of his daughter.

Fatherhood does change a man after all.

Here’s the video:


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