Edmund Chen & Xiang Yun Spent Over $1 Million to Buy an Old Condo in Changi

Last Updated on 2022-12-14 , 2:53 pm

Recently, celebrity couple Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun bought a condominium at Changi worth $1 million.

The reason?

Because it reminds Chen of his army days. (Well, that’s kind of the reason.)

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Chen explained that although Changi is slightly further away from the town area in Singapore, it is incredibly convenient for him and his family to travel to the airport whenever needed.

Additionally, their new home also reminds him of his time in the army, making his time in his new home a reminiscent experience for him so far.

Chen, 61, is currently busy managing the renovation works of the unit.

He also shared that being at Changi allows him to drive to Changi Beach for breakfast daily and view the seascape. He also expressed how he hopes the views of the sea will inspire his creative work.

As for his wife, Xiang Yun, she is currently busy packing up the items at their old house at Marine Parade. When speaking to Shin Min, she lamented how it was a large and challenging task, given that the family needs to clear over half of their belongings.

Renovation of Old Home

Yes, you didn’t read that wrongly.

The family will still be renovating their old home, and they purchased a new property in the first place because their old home requires renovation.

Xiang Yun, 61, admitted that their Marine Parade home has been through a lot in the past 17 to 18 years. In particular, their sink has started to take some damage, and their air conditioning units have also begun leaking water.

The family then decided to move out for a while since the renovation would take some time anyway.

Additionally, the low property prices caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was another factor that encouraged the family to invest $1 million in their Changi condominium.

New Condominium Was Just Built

And it seems like the condominium the family has chosen to invest in is relatively new, as construction works for it just concluded. They also shared that they only got the keys to their unit last month.

Currently, Chen has been staying at the new unit for a week to manage the renovation works, and he shared that he is the family’s “pest control ambassador”.

Since the condominium is extremely new and was a construction site before it was built, Chen explained that various pests such as insects, flies, cockroaches and rats have inevitably been found in the unit.

Hence, Chen has taken it upon himself to help kill these pests.

Before the condominium was built, the family also tried to find where their condominium would be built. Still, Xiang Yun said it was a completely different feeling compared to when they viewed the actual unit when it was built.

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Only Looking to Spend $10,000 for Renovation of Old House

Although the family has bought their new property, they will still renovate their old house.

As for how much they are planning to spend on renovation works for their old house, Chen revealed that his son, actor Chen Xi, challenged the family to keep the total amount of money spent on renovation for their old home under $10,000.

Yup, that’s not a typo.

The older Chen added that frugality is a virtue, and setting such a budget means the family will not waste money on unnecessary furniture since they will think through their purchases before spending the money.

As for what the family has bought thus far, he expressed his approval of Chen Xi’s recent purchase of a long elm table to be placed on the balcony. The family can use the table to have meals or chit-chat together.

Featured Image: Instagram (@xiang_yun_)