Celebrity Couple Edwin Goh & Rachel Wan Reveal Why They Moved to Australia


It’s a sad day for fans of local media, as it has been revealed that established actors Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan will not be turning up on local screens anytime soon.

“Why?” you wonder with despondent eyes. “Why?”

Well, it’s because they’ve relocated to Australia.

And they don’t appear to be coming back in the near future.

Celebrity Couple Edwin Goh & Rachel Wan Reveal Why They Moved to Australia

The revelation was unveiled on their Youtube channel, Ed & Rach.

In a 9:20 video posted just yesterday (30 July 2023), the couple disclosed the reasons behind the unconventional move, and documented how the entire process went down.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)


As it turns out, the move transpired after they reflected on their feelings about living in Singapore:

They were not dying, but they were not fully living as well.

Indeed a relatable notion.

According to Rachel, Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle was burning her out, and the loss of her dad and one of her best friends in the span of just two months supposedly “opened her eyes” to how she’s spending time on this planet.

A more sustainable work-life balance was needed in order for her to “breathe a little.”

Meanwhile, Edwin disclosed that because he had been an actor his whole life, he wanted to seek out “new experiences.”

Why Australia?

Many migrating options exist: the United States, London, etc., so why Australia?

Apparently, the first few reasons on the list are the cooler weather there and the seasonal changes that are so elusive to Singaporeans. There’s also an accessible balance of city & nature in Australia, with an “amazing” trail located just 15 minutes (via train ride) from the CBD area.

There’s also apparently great coffee over in Australia, and the pacing of life there is slower than in Singapore. There’s also a better work-life balance over there, with overtime work being an unconventional thing.

Plus, Australia is diverse and vibrant, with many culture-rich acts.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)
Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)

There’s also a friendly culture over in Australia, where you can smile at strangers without being looked at like you’re crazy.

Try it in Singapore, and you’re either getting trended on social media or receiving a plain middle finger.

And last but not least, Australian food is fresher, and there’s, contrary to what some may believe, lots of Asian food there.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)

And you can really tell how happy they are by their unique “meatball kiss”.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)

Does anyone want to try it with me? I’ve got lots of meatballs.


Work Holiday Visa

At this point, you may be wondering about how the process works, and how the couple managed to secure such an extended stay in an overseas country.

Well, they revealed that part too.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)

Apparently, the couple’s on a work holiday visa, which applies to those between 18 and 30 years old.

With this visa, individuals get to have an extended “holiday” in Australia and even work there to finance their trip. You’re legally allowed to work up to 12 months.

You can also study for up to 4 months, and you’re allowed to travel back and fro from Australia as many times as you want/need.

However, to get the visa, you must meet specific criteria, such as not being accompanied by dependent children and having at least $5000 in your bank account.


You can also renew the visa for a second or even third year, but you will have to meet specified days of work in order to be eligible.

As for expenses, the couple has each spent around $1,338 thus far on things such as the VISA, medical screening and a one-way flight ticket.

What Was Hard About It?

Though the packing process seemed to look pretty arduous, the couple professed that it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to their family and friends in Singapore.

Indeed, as Edwin said, it got pretty “emotional” along the way.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)
Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)

Thanks to the support of their peers, however, they were able to, though nerve-wracking, take this “leap of faith.”


So What Now?

If you’re a fan of their acting, you might feel dismayed. Like, when can you ever watch their dramas again?

Though acting’s one thing, you can still see them regularly on their Youtube channel. At the end of the video, they said they’d be back on day 2 of their Sydney trip, which means they could post frequent updates on their journey together.

Image: Youtube (Ed & Rach)

So if you’re keen to follow them on their adventure, you can head down to their channel here for more!

Meanwhile, you can watch day one of their trip down below:

Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan

The couple publicised their relationship earlier this year, on 27 March 2023. The duo first met when they filmed Channel 8 drama Strike Gold.

In an Instagram post, Edwin, 28, wrote, “The universe brought us together in a way no one could expect.”

He then described Wan as someone who “understands [his] thoughts with a single glance” and “brings light to [his] darkest days”.


Apart from that, he wrote that he wants to make all his coffee runs with her and that she “[eats] as much cai fan as [he eats] chicken rice”.


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Meanwhile, Rachel’s Instagram post was no less sweet.

“This feeling’s like no other, I want you to know, that I’ve never had someone who knows me like you do. I finally found what I’ve been looking for,” she wrote in the caption.


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Here’s more about the happy couple, such as where you might have seen them.

As an actor who had his screen debut in 2009 when he was just 15, Goh first rose to fame after acting in On the Fringe in 2011.

Yes, that show with Li Nanxing portraying the indomitable, utter legend Tian Yibang.

Since then, he has acted in various dramas such as My Star BrideHome Again and When Duty Calls S2.

On the other hand, Wan is more well-known for her work in English shows, such as Channel 5 drama Kin and The Cheaters App.

She also ventured into Chinese-language programmes recently and was featured in the Chinese variety show Say It Right! in 2021.

However, most of the younger generation might be more familiar with her work on YouTube as she was a former talent at Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) and was featured in their videos back then.