Elva Hsiao’s Much Younger BF Literally Vomited Blood After Too Much Pressure from Elva

Your significant other is often the person you turn to for help.

When you’re under the weather, for example, your partner is usually the one who takes care of you, because your friends don’t like you enough to feed you soup or bring you to the doctor.

But what do you do when your partner is the one who’s making you sick?

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Elva Hsiao’s Much Younger BF Literally Vomited Blood After Too Much Pressure from Elva

Unless you’re a zombie from Train to Busan: Peninsula, vomiting blood is not a normal thing to do.

So when Elva Hsiao’s 25-year-old boyfriend Justin Huang started writhing on the floor in pain before coughing up blood, Elva was concerned, to say the least.

They rushed him to the hospital, where he underwent numerous tests, including an ultrasound and MRI scan.

According to AsiaOne, the doctor concluded that Huang’s bloody vomiting wasn’t a result of a physical condition but of stress, as all his tests came back normal.

So, what caused this severe stress and anxiety?


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Speaking to Apple Daily Taiwan, Elva said she puts a lot of pressure on Huang because she has high expectations of him.

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The 40-year-old has made Huang take acting and dance classes, and forces him to practise the piano every day.

Asian children all over the world know exactly what this feels like.

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She also reportedly hired Coco Lee’s ex-physical trainer for Huang, to toughen his body and mind, according to Apple Daily.

And because tough questions from reporters can often land inexperienced stars in all sorts of predicaments, she’s arranged for him to go through media training as well.

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Why? Well, Elva said that when she first entered showbiz, her record company would get reporters to ask hard-hitting questions in an effort to train her.

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She, presumably, doesn’t want her young partner to say something he shouldn’t to reporters.

Elva says she has since learned to loosen up, but this is not the first time that Huang has experienced severe stress due to the pressure placed on him.

When the 25-year-old was filming the Chinese variety show Roast! with Elva, he reportedly felt so nervous that his stomach started hurting.

He even hid in the toilet to vomit and just brushed it off after coming out, saying there was “nothing wrong”.

But why would the Taiwanese star treat her bae like how some Tiger parents treat their kids?

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“My Mum Was 100 Times Stricter”

While many of us would run far, far away if our partner started doing some of the things Elva has done, she said she just wants him to succeed in his career, adding that her mother used to be much harsher.

“My mum was 100 times stricter with me. I could choose not to enter showbiz but since I made the decision, I had to do my best,” she said.


Sure, but parents are harsh because it’s kind of their job. If you were to check the to-do list in a parenting manual, the first three things would be:

  1. Feed your kids
  2. Love them
  3. Be harsh AF

Elva isn’t Huang’s mum, though. So, maybe she should treat him more like a partner and less like a naive child?

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