Encik Tan: 10 Facts About the Halal Food Sensation That’s Affordable & Tasty


Last Updated on 2022-08-14 , 2:58 pm

If you’ve been around the food scene here, you’d certainly have come across the name Encik Tan. The idea behind this food company is to provide local food that’s halal.

The kicker? It’s pretty damn tasty leh. Here are 10 thing you’d want to know about Encik Tan today.

Its First Outlet
Encik Tan’s very first outlet was opened in Kallang Wave Mall. And well, while we’re not sure if there’s a person called Encik Tan, we can be certain that it’s not opened by someone called Tan. Read on.

And How Many Outlets Does It Have Now?
Well, just NINETEEN (as of 2022). Wah, very sellable, seeing there’s so many Encik Tan shops. Locations include Yew Tee Point at Choa Chu Kang, Jcube in Jurong East, [email protected] on Orchard Road and Bedok Mall of New Upper Changi Road. And their sizes vary: some could be as big as a food court!

About the Halal Certification
If you visit Encik Tan to eat, you’d be getting a variety of hawker food that’s stamped with MUIS’ certification of approval. The food here is cooked using halal ingredients only. Okay, there’s a little Captain Obvious here, but here’s the thing: they have dishes like fishball noodles and chai tow kway. Now, that impresses you, doesn’t it?

But Is It Set Up Exactly Like a Local Food Court?
No need to worry about it having the ultimate hawker-style food court setting – there’s air condition AND the food is decently priced too. It’s like a fully halal food court..with decent prices and great food (okay, subjective, but you get how bias we are).

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What’s On the Menu?
Not bad lah, got Laksa, Sliced Fish Soup, Fried Fish Mee Hoon Soup, Fried Carrot Cake, Rojak, and Chicken Claypot Rice. If you prefer Western dishes, you won’t be disappointed either, as they’ve got a whole range of items ranging from Sirloin Steak, Chicken Chop Pasta, Fish and Chips as well as Chicken Cutlet. Interestingly, you’ll order separately depending on the food you want.

Need a Pao Fix, ASAP? Encik Tan Has Got You Covered
Prefer a Pao instead of a full meal? There’s Lotus Paste Pao, Curry Pao, and even a chicken version of the Big Pau. Down it with a hot or fruity drink, and if you feel like you need dessert, order the Chendol.

The Company Behind Encik Tan
Here’s why we said Encik Tan isn’t opened by a guy who used to be an Encik in the army: Fei Siong Group is the name behind Encik Tan. They’ve served a significant role in the F&B industry here by serving up local food that’s as authentic as it gets, hit with a hint of nostalgia and a decent price tag to boot! Find Fei Siong familiar? It’s the group that brings you the juicy fishball noodles.

Self-Service is the Way to Go
Yes, you need to pick up your own food and utensils. It’s kinda like a marriage between a food court and a café, you could say. But no, you won’t have to clear your own trays.


There Are Set Meals Too
If you’re feeling like you need a bigger meal to fill your tummy, go for the Fishball Noodle Set or the Wanton Noodle Set, which comes with fish cakes and fried wantons respectively as sides. We’re not the fan of their chicken meatballs, but their chai tow kway is to die for. #justsaying

About the Operation Hours
Some shops operate at the same hours as the mall it’s located in, so that would be about 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. every day. The Tampines Hub outlet, however, is a round-the-clock food shop.

So yes, Encik Tan is definitely worth a visit. Head over to any one of their 14 outlets today and give it a try for a change. You might just fall in love with the food, and the money it’s saving your pocket from splurging too!

And oh, we’re bias, because everyone in the office is a fan of Encik Tan.