Enjoy Up To 90% Off on Shopee on Items Like The Nintendo Switch, Laneige Products, Marshall Headphones & More on 11 Nov

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Everybody has heard of Shopee, right?

That’s the place to go to when you want to get some good quality and affordable shopping done.

And yes, they’re the Baby Shark you’ve been hearing almost everywhere, from cinemas to office lobbies to even when you’re lying on your comfy bed reading some articles from Goody Feed.

Well, guess what? Even if you’re a non-believer in Shopee (or Baby Shark), their 11.11 Big Sale is going to change your mind.

We’re talking up to 90% non-stop deals. Think all-you-can-eat, except it’s not just about food.

Clothes, bags, gadgets, everything goes.

Here’s what you can expect on 11.11 on Shopee.

Expect humongous, ginormous & perhaps even tumultuous deals the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Watch as Shopee pulls out all the plugs, with up to 90% off

  • Xiaomi Mi Max 3 at exclusive prices
  • Grab vouchers
  • Dyson Air Purifier Fan at more than 20% off
  • more
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Yes, 11 November is a special day indeed.

But that’s not the best part.

Hourly Flash Deals

Flash deals are the main domain of online shopping sites. Typically, you’ll see online shopping websites giving hourly flash deals about three to four times a day.

But for 11.11, Shopee’s going all out with 24 Flash Deal slots! Expect to see great deals every hour from 12 am to 11 pm.

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And because we’re such good friends with them, they’ve decided to let us write on this (after we begged them) because good things must share mah, no?

(P.S. We did tell them to stop playing the Baby Shark everywhere. They decided to play it louder in our office lift lobby instead. My ears~)

Here are 10 of the many Flash Deals that await you!

17% OFF GeekBite Amazon Kindle Paperwhite + 8000 Ebooks+ Kindle Pouch+ Screen Protector

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 12 midnight

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $199.00
Discounted Price: $165.00 

Last but not least is something for our book-loving friends.

There’s a couple of reasons why you should go for a Kindle: it’s lightweight, optimised for a beautiful reading experience and any new books you get is going to be cheaper.

Now, here’s one more reason to go for a Kindle: even the device’s going at a discounted price.

Happening on 11 Nov at 12 midnight, not only is the kindle discounted, you’ll get 8,000 free titles as well, together with a Kindle pouch and a screen protector.

25% OFF Grab Vouchers

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 1 am

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $10.00
Discounted Price: $7.50

Take Grab often? Mourning the lack of promo codes nowadays? Don’t worry because now, you can get yourself discount vouchers for your next (few) Grab rides.

Only happening from 11 Nov at 1 am, make sure you chiong cuz Grab promo codes now very valuable, yeah?

Aren’t you glad that 11 November is a Sunday?

8% OFF Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Console Bundle

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 2 am

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $629.00
Discounted Price: $578.00

Why go for a plain old Nintendo switch when you can go for a Pikachu or Eevee themed one? And not only do they look cute, but they’re also deliciously cheaper as well.

Only available at this price from 11 Nov at 2 am, be sure to stick around the Shopee app because given how crazy Singaporeans are over anything Pokemon, this one’s going to sell like hotcakes.

Plus, the Switch’s going to come preloaded with the Pokemon Let’s Go game, the latest release in the Pokemon universe.

And we’re not talking Pokemon GO kind of game, it’s an RPG. For Pokemon. In 3D.

Here’s an awesome sneak preview at the new game:


19% OFF Goodday Soju 7 Flavours Set (With Free Shot Glass & Hite Beer)

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 4 am

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $61.60
Discounted Price: $49.90

Christmas is coming, which means, time to stock up on alcoholic beverages for Christmas parties.

And what better way to do that than to buy some soju for cheap? And I’m not talking about any ole soju. I’m talking about fruit-flavoured soju.

You can choose between the following seven flavours:

  • Blueberry
  • Scarlet
  • Citron
  • Pineapple
  • Peach
  • Green
  • Grape Pomegranate

And the best part? It comes with a free Hite beer and a shot glass for that authentic ahjumma experience.

Image: memegenerator.net

Only happening on 11 Nov at 4 am, don’t miss it hor!

71% OFF Laneige Brand Box

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 12 pm

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $100.00
Discounted Price: $29.00 

Looking good is no longer exclusively for girls. Guys have to maintain their looks as well.

That’s what this handsome colleague told me. And seeing that he looks like this:

He told us to specifically choose this picture so he’ll look more manly with his biceps that aren’t Photoshopped in. And no, he doesn’t endorse for Adidas.

I’m pretty inclined to believe his words.

Except, his lips could’ve looked better.

If you’re someone who feels that your lips aren’t good enough for the rest of you, the LANEIGE brand box might just be what you’re looking for to make them plump, juicy and kissable.

At just $29, you’re looking at:

  • Berry LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask 8g
  • Mint Choco LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask 8g *NEW FLAVOUR*
  • Berry LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm 10g
  • Grapefruit LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm 10g

Don’t wait liao: the flash deal starts at 12 pm on 11 Nov.

24% OFF Apple Airpods

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 1 pm

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $238.00
Discounted Price: $179.00 

Calling out to all Apple users, here’s your chance to get yourself a pair of Apple AirPods for cheap. And if you’ve already got one, get another pair ‘coz you’re most likely going to lose the one you’ve got now #justsaying

Minimalistic in design, cool and boasting a great sound, the price for the AirPods will be going down a whopping $59 on 11 Nov at 1 pm.

50% OFF Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 2 pm

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $229.00
Discounted Price: $115.00 

A wise old man once said that you can never have enough shoes. But guys typically disagree with that, especially when it comes to their other half’s shoe shopping…with their credit cards.

But what we can all agree on is that you can have enough shoes, provided they last long enough.

When it comes to lasting, trendy footwear, Nike is one brand that comes to mind.

Now, you can get your hands on a pair of beautiful white racers at half the price. Cheap, fashionable, lasting, and a colour that can match most colour scheme.

You can only get that at 2 pm on 11 Nov.

80% OFF Marshall Brand Box

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 5 pm

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $489.00
Discounted Price: $99.00 

You’ve seen how Singaporeans went crazy for mystery vending machines in Singapore. Sadly, they no longer exist because the Police said it’s a form of gambling.

Now, here’s the online version of it: the mystery purchase.

If you’re looking for new kicks to upgrade the soundbites in your ears, this box is precisely what you need to go for.

You’ll either find a Mode EQ worth $139…

Image: shopee.sg

…a Major III BT worth $289…

Image: shopee.sg

…or an Acton worth $489.

Image: shopee.sg

In other words, no matter what you find, you’re considered a winner.

Interested? Get ready for fastest-fingers-win on 11 Nov at 5 pm.

36% OFF Drypers Drypantz Carton Sales

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 7 pm

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $49.90
Discounted Price: $31.90

Calling out to all young parents out there! While we’re not able to give you the secrets to making your little monsters be as obedient as possible, we have the next best thing: cheaper baby products.

Instead of $49.90, you can stock up on diapers for your little one at almost $20 cheaper per pack.

Only on 11 Nov at 7 pm.

16% OFF Printoss Instant Camera

FLASH DEAL Starts from 11 November 2018, 9 pm

Image: shopee.sg

Original Price: $54.90
Discounted Price: $45.90

Instax Cameras are so yesterday. Today, you’re taking pictures with your smartphone so you can add all the filters you want and whatnot, then print it with an instax printer.

Plus, it’s pretty portable too.

Image: shopee.sg

And most importantly, it’s cheap as well. Marginally cheaper, that is.

If you’re looking to get one of these babies for yourself, make sure you camp out at Shopee on 11 Nov at 9 pm.

With so many deals happening on 11.11, aren’t you glad it’s a Sunday?

Now, before I end off, here’s a promo code to make your already pleasant shopping experience… all the more pleasant:


Slashing a cool $11 off a minimum spend of $20, this awesome promo code (with an equally amazing name) will be valid from 25 October to 14 November, 23:59.

Take note, however, that you gotta be a new Shopee user in order to qualify for the discount. Existing shopee users, too bad.

So what are you waiting for? Set your alarm for 11 November!

Even better, just use this song as your alarm…

…and I’m sure both you and your babies would be wide awake.

This article was first published in goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with Shopee