This epic response by a blur-like-sotong woman after getting into a car accident will make your day

When this woman got into a car accident, the impact was probably so strong it sent her common sense flying out the window.

Or maybe the accident just left her in such a shock, that’s why she couldn’t think straight. But honestly, when you hear about this woman’s response to her insurance agent shortly after the accident, you’ll probably go apeshit like we did.

Although we admit it is a tad bit chek ark to laugh at her innocent mistake. The woman’s daughter found the entire thing amusing and even posted it on social media.


When asked for photos of the “front, rear and side”, this was what she sent to her insurance agent.


Nonetheless, the insurance officer was nice about it, even giving a compliment to the woman before informing her that she totally misunderstood what she meant.


So, did you laugh as much as we did when we chanced upon this?

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