5 Facts About Euro 2024, Which Has Officially Started Today

Football fans buckle up – I know we’ve had the FIFA qualifiers but there’s about to be a lot more action.

The UEFA Euro 2024 has officially started on the 15 June 2024 and here are five facts you need to know.

Euro 2024 will be Held in Germany

Euro 2024 which runs from 14 June to 14 July, will be held across ten German cities.

With a total of 51 matches played across the various cities, Berlin boasts the oldest and largest venue of them all, The Olympiastadion.

Six of the total matches will be held there, including the Grand Final on 14 July.

24 Teams have Qualified for Euro 2024

Among the teams who have qualified for the Euro 2024 are powerhouses like Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria.

Germany auto-qualifies since they are hosting this year – but let’s be real, it’s Germany, they were probably qualifying anyway.

World’s Largest Fan Zone in Germany

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin will be transformed into the world’s largest football goal to literally signpost the location of the world’s largest fan zone.

Image: visitberlin.de

To fully immerse the fans watching from this zone, an artificial green turf will be rolled out in front of the gate.

There will also be concerts, an open-air cinema, DJ sets, performances, exhibitions and more.

You can see just how seriously they take their football – or Fußball as a German would say.

Where to Catch Screenings

Host country Germany won’t be the only one having screenings for their football fans.

If you’re looking for a vibey place to cheer on your favourite teams with other fans, you can find places that screen games into the wee hours of the night right here in Singapore.

Due to the time difference, matches will be played at 9 pm, 12 midnight and 3 am.

For matches at all three timings, you can head down to Cafe Football Woodleigh, Muddy Murphy’s and the Harry’s Bar outlets at Anguilla Park and Cuppage.

For matches at 9 pm and 12 midnight, the Harry’s Bar outlets at Boat Quay, Chjimes, Clarke Quay and Holland Village, as well as Scruffy Murphy’s, Thunderbird Bistro, The Bar Station @ TK and selected Penny Black outlets will be places you can visit.

And of course, if you’re an early bird and only wish to catch the 9 pm matches, Bar Soccer and Harry’s Bar at Harbourfront will be open for those.

If you happen to miss any of the matches, fret not – you may find all the fixtures and results on the official UEFA page.

Euro 2024 Sets New Standards

As big events like these fall more heavily under the scrutiny of the world when it comes to green standards – yes Taylor, we’re looking at you – Euro 2024 sets new standards for climate protection.

They have implemented major infrastructure projects, like adding new drinking fountains, bicycle parking, using solar energy and more.

Many projects are also being initiated at the district level and we love that these are things the planning committee has in mind.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see all the exciting developments across the next 20+ days from the Euro 2024.