Everything About Former SIA Pilot Who Was Fined For Sharing Photo Of Dead Maid

Some skeletons should always be kept in the closet.

Or in this case, insensitive images should not be shared in your little group chat.

If you’ve kept up with news, you may have heard a case off former SIA pilot, Fazli Hisham Mohd Fairuz Shah, 29, doing just that, only its a photo of a dead maid.

Superstitious or not, doing something like that is downright disrespectful to the person and family.

Seriously, are manners lost on people like these?

Paramedic Girlfriend Sent Picture to Him

You may have only heard about the case recently, but the incident had already been set in motion much earlier.

Nurizzah Afiqah Hussain, his girlfriend, then worked paramedic for a private ambulance operator (PAO), Unistrong.

Image: Flickr

On 1 February 2017, she received information about a maid who hung herself and went to the scene of death.

On-site, her ambulance driver took a photo of the body. Already a bad move, surely Nurizzah wouldn’t follow through.

Nope, she did.

And for some reason, she thought it was a good idea to send this to her boyfriend, Fazli. 

Image: Giphy

Not only that, she took a picture of the ENTIRE Singapore Civil Defence Force call sheet, which included documents for the case, to him as well.

Sorry but…why would you do this?

Equally Questionable Response

The right thing to do would’ve been to delete those photos and warn against such action.

Well, not to Fazli, who proceeded to forward the photo to a group chat of 31 people.  That is a huge number of people who could just leak sensitive information.

Which, by the way, proceeded to happen soon after.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

The photos quickly circulated online, and eventually got posted onto a maid’s Facebook account.

In fact, this also caught the attention of the deceased maid’s agent, who immediately informed her employer. The employer then called the police.

That’s what you get for following up on your girlfriend’s lack of basic respect, good sir. 


There are consequences for such things, but personally I think these guys got off a little lucky.

Nurizzah was fined a hefty $3,000 last year, well deserving after pulling such a silly stunt.

Fazli was taken to court and charged for two offences under the Official Secrets Act (OSA), which could have led to him being fined $2,000 each and jailed for two years.


Luckily, his lawyer had stepped in, saying it was already punishment enough for Fazli to lose his job. In the end, he too was fined $3,000.

Someone clearly dodged a bullet here. 

Even ambulance driver, Shaik Haziq Fahmi Shaik Nasair Johar wasn’t spared. Last September, he too was fined for $1,500.

I’m pretty sure all of you reading this have some common sense, so please refrain from doing anything so inconsiderate.

If you do, well, I can’t guarantee you’ll be as lucky as Mr Fazli over here.

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