Everything About SingPost’s Airmail Price Hike & The Cease of Doorstep Deliveries For Small Parcels


Imagine yourself ordering something online on a Sunday.

The feeling that comes to mind is excitement as you eagerly wait for that new bag to come.

But then you realise the package would come within three to five days.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem except you’re working and don’t want to risk having missed mail.

A familiar situation I’m sure most of us have found ourselves in which ends in going to have to claim the missed mail.

SingPost knows this too and has found a way around this.

Huge Changes

December is going to be a month of massive changes.

The first is that starting from 2 December, there will be no more doorstep deliveries. 

Image: Memecrunch

Of course, there’s a new scheme coming up to replace this.

You can then mail small parcels (501g to 2kg) under two new categories, Basic Package and Tracked Package.

Basic Packages can range from $0.90 and $3.50.

Tracked Packages are exactly as its namesake.

Senders can track their package deliveries, and recipients will receive notifications and receive the packages at their letterboxes.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

The smell of convenience is sweet.

This way you don’t need to constantly wait at home or guess when your package arrives and will likely miss less deliveries!

Goodbye to long queues at SingPost outlet just to collect one small parcel.


The less huat part is that Tracked Packages are more pricey, ranging between $3.20 to $4.8.

The price for convenience is sometimes steeper.

Airmail Rates

Speaking of steeper.

A little bit of bad but understandable news.

Image: MemesHappen

In response to the yearly increase in international mail rates from postal operators, the cost of airmail will also increase.


This is also something they haven’t done in five years.

Sadly, additional charges from overseas postal operators jumped by over 25% in 2018 so not losing money is kind of a priority.

The charges are as follows:

For Malaysia and Brunei, there will be an increase of $0.20 in airmail rates but only $0.10 for other countries.

Aerogramme rates will also increase by $0.10 per piece.

Registered Service (International) fee will also increase from S$2.50 to S$3.60, in addition to the applicable postage fees.

GIF: Giphy.com

The last one hurts.

But seriously, who still uses airmail?

A Few Similarities

Not everything will change dramatically though.

SingPost will accept letters and printed papers weighing up to 500g under Basic Mail, previously known as Ordinary Mail.

Their rates will remain unchanged.


Wallet looking less hurt right now. 

So it’s good to take note of these changes now because December is approaching really fast!

And so is the end of the year, where has my 2019 gone?