Everything About the 1.1km Waterslide in Penang That Everyone is Hyped For

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People always say that guys should bring girls on dates to horror films because there is a high chance that she would cuddle you, or hold your hand when she’s scared.

(Does it even work though…)

Image: Giphy

Scrap that thought. How about taking a waterslide with her where you’ll have to share a float?

Image: Escape Theme Park Facebook

Not only can you do that on the upcoming hyped 1.1km waterslide in Penang, each ride takes about 4 minutes, giving you time alone as you meander through nature.

How romantic.

(That is, if you’re not the one who scream instead)

And yes, you read that right, the new waterslide that is slated to launch in mid-October is 1.1km long.

That’s the total length of about 7,300 of the rulers in your pencil box put together! Now, are you amazed?

Image: Escape Theme Park Facebook

This amazing waterslide is located at the Escape theme park in Penang, Malaysia, and is now officially crowned the world’s longest tube water slide on Guinness World Records.

Never Intended To Break World Record

According to the CEO of Sim Leisure Group, Sim Choo Kheng, the idea of building a slide this long stemmed from the frustration where the fun of waterslides lasts only for a few seconds. You queue for forever and go through the pain of lugging your floats, only for the fun to end in a few seconds.

Damn. Sian.

Image: Memegen

So yay to four minutes of fun with this new 1.1km waterslide!


Love For The Environment

The world record-breaking slide took two years of planning and eight months to install. Sim Leisure Group decided to have it meander through the jungle so it follows the core belief of Escape to promote “eco-literacy through fun”.

In fact, it is built so high up that it starts of with an elevation of 70 metres! You’ll also need to take a cable car chairlift to reach the entrance of the slide.

Image: Escape Theme Park Facebook

In order to preserve the environmental sanity of the jungle as much as possible, the installation was only done with the help from basic scaffolding and chain hoists.

However, this caused considerable challenges such as having to deal with mosquitoes and predators.

Calm Down, It’s Safe

Okay, you may now be thinking if this is even safe to be on. After all, it is from such an extreme height, and if you were to be trapped, you’d be stuck in such harsh conditions!

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

Image: Escape Theme Park Facebook

Your worries can take the back seat because Sim Leisure Group has seen to it that there are legit safety procedures implemented:

  • Tests were simulated with human weight over 20 trips before the first-ever human test was conducted
  • Escape will do weekly maintenance of the slide (and their entire theme park) every Monday
  • Inspections of the slide will take place every morning before the park is opened to monkeys like you and me
  • Lifeguards will ride the slides themselves to ensure safety before you get to go on it
  • The slide is monitored by staff who’ll greet you as you make your way down
  • CCTVs are installed to keep a watch on you through your ride down

Image: Giphy


With all these measures in place, you can ride away and have fun.

You’ll only be going down at speeds of 4.5m/s (which is a lot slower compared to usual waterslides up to 7m/s). If you’re looking for thrill, this is not for you. The purpose of this 1.1km waterslide is to allow you to travel through nature and enjoy yourself in the process.

After all, no one can go through thrill for four minutes, right?

Not forgetting, to do the Instagram thing where you boast that you’ve taken the longest slide in the world – experiences these days don’t count unless you post them on Instagram, eh?

I Wna Go!

Image: Giphy


Okay here are the details you need to jot down so you can make your way down soon!

Park Entrance Fees: $48 (ages 13 to 60) and $32 (ages 4 to 12, and above 61)

Yes, this includes access to all of its 42 attractions, including the world’s longest slide.

But remember: it’s mid-October. So save up first.

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