Everything About the Bottle Cap Challenge, A Harmless Online Challenge That Burns Calories, Too

You’ve heard of online challenges where one user films themselves completing various tasks, before tagging others to do it. Some are harmless, some are stupid and some shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Here are some examples:

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to watch a compilation of funny videos and as the name says, try not to laugh. It’s a fail if you laugh.

Kiki Challenge

Participants are seen getting out of a moving car, with the car door open while they dance to Drake’s In my feelings. The video is shot by someone on the slow-moving vehicle.

This challenge is commonly filmed on the road and has resulted in the injury of many participants. An 18-year-old was reportedly hospitalized.

Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge is a viral food challenge which involved filming yourself swallowing a spoonful of ground cinnamon within 60 seconds without drinking water.

Needless to say, this challenge raised various safety concerns too.

As explained by a doctor, “…too much cinnamon dries out the mouth. Once that happens you are more prone to vomit, and the bile can actually go back down into the lungs.”

There’s evidence to support it – don’t do it, kids!

And now, introducing something that’s rather harmless…

The Latest Challenge in Town – Bottle Cap Challenge

So, what the heck is this?

Basically, it involves filming yourself untwisting a bottle cap from a bottle using a backspin kick, without knocking the bottle over. Unlike most challenges, this is pretty straightforward and easy to film – all you require is a camera, water bottle, a bottle cap and the right balance of strength and accuracy.

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According to The New York Times, Master Fa started the challenge before it was cool.

Then came action-movie actor Jason Statham. He wasn’t the first to complete the challenge, but he sure made it famous.

The actor posted a video of himself completing the challenge in slow motion on his Instagram two days ago (2 July 2019). Till date, the video has garnered over 5 million likes.

Since then, many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon too.

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As a martial artist, actor Donnie Yen took it to the next level and successfully completed the challenge blindfolded.

Say what?


Looks like he still has the Ip Man in him.

In Singapore, DJs Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew from 987FM have shared their version of the challenge on Instagram.

Thinking of giving it a try? Make sure to do plenty of stretches and ensure you have sufficient memory space in your camera since it might take awhile.


Unless of course, you’re Ip Man.

And unlike other challenges, this might just burn some calories, so it’s not just harmless, but useful as well.

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