Everything About The Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Version That’s Coming Out This Year

So you’d have heard about the Final Fantasy VII Remake that’s set to be in store next year for the PS4.

It’s something that the world’s been waiting for decades because anything nostalgic would fly off the shelf. Remember PlayStation Classic?

While everyone’s going gaga over FFVII Remake, Final Fantasy VIII, the futuristic Final Fantasy that fans either love to the core or hate to the core, is also making a comeback.

Image: The Verge

But unlike its predecessor, it’s not a remake, but a remaster.

Here’s what remake and remaster mean.

Remake = Remaking the Game Altogether

FFVII Remake has an entire crew working on a new game altogether with new gameplay and new graphics. The only similar in the game? For FFVII, it seems like the music and plot are the same.

Other than that, it’s completely different.

I mean, Aeris now have cleavage leh.

Image: tumblr.com

Remaster = Improving a Game’s Graphic

For a remaster, a team would improve the game’s graphics and sounds, and usually make it HD so that it’ll look nice on an HD television.

Because if you play the original FFVIII (or any old games) on our new digital TVs, they’ll look extremely pixelated and weird.

Everything, however, would remain the same.

There has been many remastered versions of TV shows and games, so why do I single out FFVIII?

Simply because

  1. I’m a hardcore fan of the game
  2. I’ve a crush on Quistis Trepe, a chio character in the game, for years
  3. I’ve the same hairstyle as Squall Leonhart back then
  4. I remember the lyrics of Eyes On Me
  5. I don’t know what else to write
  6. My editor is out so I can write anything I want

Now, how goody does this FFVIII looks?

According to a recent announcement, it looks dope.

Remastered Version

Here’s the trailer that Nintendo posted on its official YouTube channel three days ago (I’ll explain why it’s in Nintendo):

Can’t tell the difference?

Me too, until you compare the old version with the remastered version:

Image: androidcentral.com
Image: androidcentral.com

And here’s one more interesting aspect of the game: you’d remember that in the original game, some of the scenes and gameplay are looooooooong and repetitiveeeeeeeeeee.

After we’ve summoned a Guardian Force, we’ve to wait for the Guardian Force to finish his “dance” before gameplay resumed.

The remastered version would allow the game to be three times faster, because in 2019, we’ve all lost our patience to smartphones.


So, why was the trailer on Nintendo? Well, actually, the remastered version would be available for the PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch, which means unlike FFVII Remake that’s only for the PS4, this would be in every console available in the market.

And the best-est part? It’ll be out later this year.

Whether you’re an uncle Squall Leonhart or a millennial Squall Leonhart, this is truly something to look forward to.

To end this, let’s rewatch that iconic music video we’ve all burned into a CD back in those days:


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