Everything About The Grisly Murder Of The 2-Year-Old Baby Girl At Chin Swee Road

We all know that parents are not perfect. They make their fair share of mistakes and bad decisions, just like everyone else.

But this couple took it way too far.

Not too long ago, the police discovered the remains of a burnt corpse in a metal pot at an HDB flat in Chin Swee Road.

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At the time, it was believed that the remains belonged to the corpse of a foetus.

However, in an update by the police on Monday, 16 September, it was revealed that the burnt remains actually belonged to a two-year-old girl.

Or to be exact, 2.5-year-old girl.

Parents Are To Be Charged With Murder

And she had been murdered by her own parents.

I have no idea how some people are capable of doing such horrifying things, especially to their own flesh and blood.

Like seriously, how can you even have the thought of burning your own child to death, let alone actually carrying it out?

The girl’s 30-year-old mother and 31-year-old father will be charged in court today, 17 September 2019. They are believed to have murdered her back in – wait for it – 2014 before they were remanded in June last year for unrelated offences.

Although it doesn’t really make much sense how her burnt remains showed up in a pot years later, at least it led to the culprits being brought to justice for their horrible act.

Neighbours Smelled “Something Rotting”

The police received a call for assistance at Block 52 Chin Swee Road at 8.30pm last Tuesday, 10 September, at about 8.30pm.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the police left the scene with the metal pot, which allegedly contained the burnt remains. It was found in a one-room rental flat on the eighth storey of the block.

Neighbours said that they smelled something strong, with one describing the smell as “something rotting”, at least a week before the body was found.

Some of them believed that the unit had been rented out illegally.

Neighbours also said that a man, who appeared to be in his 30s, moved into the unit four months ago and has been living alone there ever since.

Before that, the flat was occupied by a married couple with young children.

Remanded For Drug-Related Offences

The two suspects have been remanded since June 2018, and it is believed that they murdered their daughter before they were remanded.

According to The Straits Times, the mother was sentenced earlier this month to a jail term of five years and two months for drug-related offences.

Both of them are expected to be charged under Section 302(2) of the Penal Code, which carries the death penalty or life in prison.

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