Everything About the Kaplan S’pore Suspension from SkillsFuture & WSQ Accreditation Funding

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s been a big hoo-ha about Kaplan Singapore.

Not because they hit a high number of enrolments for the academic year, but because they did something that got them suspended from SkillsFuture & WSQ Accreditation funding.

And no one was expecting that.

Here is everything we know about it so far.

Serious Lapses

In a media release by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), they said that Kaplan Professional will be suspended as an approved training organisation under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) due to “serious lapses”.

What are those “serious lapses”? We’re not sure either. But whatever they are, they probably are really serious.

The suspension will cover 12 months, starting from 1 July of this year.

During the suspension, they will not get funding from SSG for all of their WSQ courses. Basically, SSG is in charge of the national SkillsFuture movement that helps Singaporeans to train their skills and lifelong learning.


So, why was Kaplan Professional suspended?

Investigation Outcomes

The outcome of investigations and further audit checks conducted by SSG concluded that Kaplan Professional’s conduct of WSQ assessments was not consistent with the guidelines given by SSG for WSQ delivery.

Kaplan Singapore also reviewed its own actions.

They revealed that through investigations, they found that not one, but several of their trainers adopted assessment practices that did not align with the guidelines.


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The Associate Professor Rhys Johnson, chief operating officer and provost of Kaplan Singapore said, “We accept and will comply with the requirements of SSG in the matter.”

At least they admitted to their mistakes instead of trying to hide them.

He also added, “We are disappointed that such instances occurred despite a rigorous programme implemented over past months aimed at ensuring such non-compliance could not occur for WSQ courses.”

Previously Suspended

This was not their first offence, though.

In a media release, SSG said that Kaplan Professional was also previously suspended from delivering courses under the Leadership and People Management WSQ framework in December last year.

That suspension lasted 6 months.

In March this year, they also conducted further investigations into Kaplan’s delivery of other WSQ courses they offered.

They found “serious lapses”.

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SSG takes a serious view on any individual, training provider or organization which do not adhere to their guidelines for WSQ delivery. They will also not hesitate to act against those who do not abide by the guidelines.

And after this incident, you know they mean business.

So, what are the affected students going to do?

Placed in Other Institutes 

Kaplan currently offers WSQ programmes like workplace skills, business and financial management. All of which are very important and vital programmes.


Students who enrolled in those courses and are scheduled to start after 30 June can contact Kaplan Professional for other alternate arrangements.

The SSG said that Kaplan is required to place them with other WSQ institutes (that are actually approved) to minimise any disruption in their learning.

Kaplan Singapore is also planning to facilitate any necessary transition arrangements. They will also ensure that those who are affected by the suspension will be able to continue their learning.

The audit and suspension will only affect WSQ courses at Kaplan. Other courses will continue on as per normal.

If you’re still a little lost, here’s a little recap.

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All in all, Kaplan did something wrong. Now they’re paying the price of it. Affected students will still be taking the enrolled course but at an approved training centre.

Aka, this is a huge mess.


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