Everything About the Mercs That Went Against Traffic & The Woman Whose License Has Been Suspended

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“Be careful dear, I just heard on the news that there’s someone driving the wrong way on the traffic.”

“Someone? I see these idiots everywhere. What talking you?”

Whether that conversation actually happened I don’t know, but all I can say is that a driver going the wrong way against traffic did happen.

32-year-old Woman In Road Dispute  

According to STOMP (and zillions other reports), there was a report of a 32-year-old woman assisting with police investigations. She was caught on camera in a road dispute.

Police were alerted to dangerous driving along Upper Cross Street, towards South Bridge Road at 10.24pm last Friday.

The earliest video found is posted on Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook, on 7 September 2019. As of writing, this got 4.3k shares, 155 comments and 279 reactions.

This was then posted on Singapore Road Accident and received even more views with 5.2k shares, 926 comments and 1.2k reactions.

Here’s what happened.


A Mercedes Benz appears to be on the walking pavement. A woman in a white dress then comes out of the car and goes off-camera for a while, though she seemed to be moving her hands to hit something.

When she appears back on camera, she says the word “Nabei” and “Jibai“, before then going back to the car.

It was entirely possible that she was only talking about the Japanese dish Nabe (hotpot), and then Jibaihou 自賠法 (Automobile Accident Compensation Act​), but watch the video for yourself if you need to.

A few uncles in the video were discussing what was going on here. The video then ends with another uncle pointing to a place where he claimed the woman knocked into.

The scene then switches to the car on the road.

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook

And she can be seen driving off… against traffic.

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook

I know that some girls seem to like One Direction, but this particular one seems to like Wrong Direction.

Image: Funtimelol

Another Video Of Her Driving Against Traffic

On ROADS.sg, a post was made on 7 September 2019 by Benjamin with the following caption:

“This crazy female Mercedes driver of SLA6055E was probably intoxicated. Pedestrians knocked on her door multiple times warning her but she ignored them. Front white car also tried to block her but to no avail. She was determined to drive her car towards South Bridge Road in this one way road(Upper Cross Street) in front of Hotel 81. She sped off all the way against traffic after passing my car.” – Benjamin

This happened at 10.40 pm. A small crowd could be seen gathering around a car.

Image: ROADS.sg

As Benjamin gets closer, the car could be seen still blocking the woman’s car, who is still trying to go in the wrong direction.

Image: ROADS.sg

The white car then overtakes the woman’s car.

Image: ROADS.sg

And soon after Benjamin did too.

Image: ROADS.sg

You can watch the entire video here:


Further investigation by ROADS.sg

Image: ROADS.sg

ROADS.sg looked further into the road tax for the woman’s vehicle and showed that the vehicle’s road tax actually expired in July 2019.

Eep. Looks like everything that can go wrong is going wrong there.

Just so you know, while it’s an offence to drive with an expired road tax, the consequences aren’t that serious: they’ll just need to pay a late fee when they renew the road tax. However, without a valid road tax, they can’t purchase an insurance policy for a car: a car without insurance is a very serious offence.

However, road tax can be renewed every six months or once a year, while an insurance policy is usually purchased annually.

Woman Arrested & License Suspended

Yesterday night, the SPF gave an update about the incident.

Prior to that, she was merely “assisting” with the police, but yesterday, it was revealed that she’s now arrested. According to the SPF, “A 32-year-old woman was subsequently arrested for dangerous driving and her driving licence has been suspended. Police investigations are ongoing.”

Unlike other road traffic offence, “Reckless or dangerous driving” is a rather serious offence: first-timer could be fined up to $5,000 or/and jailed up to a year, and the police can arrest him or her without any warrant.

So yes, even without those videos going viral, the woman would have been in deep shit.


But who is this woman?

Allegedly Bought the Car Herself

She must be thankful that there’s a doxxing laws now, so no one’s going to post any personal details of her online.

However, the ever-reliable Wanbao managed to find out more about her, and according to their digging, the woman has once posted an image on social media about her buying the Mercedes for herself in 2016 for her 29th birthday.

Image: Social Media

Her social media accounts seemed to have been removed.

From what we can tell, the car seems to be an C-Class. In Singapore, Mercedes comes in three main versions: the C-Class, which is the smallest, the E-Class, which is bigger and the S-Class, which is of course the biggest.

Or maybe this is…N-Class?




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