Everything About the Punggol ‘Neighbour From Hell’ That Has Caused 6 Families to Move Out

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Living in Singapore means a lot of first-world compromises: tolerating weather that’ll boil your raw eggs, ignoring angry hawkers who ‘tsk’ when you ask for more chilli and noisy neighbours who seem to quarrel every few days.

It’s all part and parcel of living in an urban jungle that’s safe.

But what if your neighbour left a bloody pig’s ear on your shoe rack?

Would that be the final straw?

Punggol Neighbour From Hell

Not too long ago, we wrote about a Tampines neighbour from hell, and thought that that could have been the worst.

Apparently not.

Yesterday, Straits Times published a premium article about another neighbour from hell, and this one’s so hellish, six families on the same floor have moved out because of her.

According to those neighbours, the accused, whom we should call NFH, allegedly did these:

  • Putting a bloody pig’s ear on a shoe rack
  • Splashing liquid on doors (liquids like cooking oil or porridge)
  • Noise pollution (loud music and banging doors)

But is NFH really a neighbour from hell?

Apparently, she didn’t agree.

Claimed to be Innocent

According to reports, NFH claimed to be completely innocent: she denied splashing liquid on her neighbours’ doors, and even said that she didn’t dare to touch a pig’s ear so she couldn’t have been the one to place it there.

She had turned on loud music to “drown out” noise from upstairs, but claimed that she had installed noise-prevention plastic to absorb the sounds. As for loud banging of the doors, she did that so that the doors would be closed tightly (???).

She had considered moving out after the neighbours came together seemingly to take action against her, but she decided not to as she wasn’t able to get a good price for the flat now.

It all apparently happened because a previous owner had thrown cigarette ashes between her door and her gates, which led to a confrontation, in which she then installed three CCTV outside her flat.

With that CCTV, she said that she had footages of her neighbours pointing middle finger at her.

NFH, who’s a 51-year-old housewife, has moved in in 2013 and is a divorcee who has a son who’s waiting to enter university.


However, the neighbours have also installed CCTV and had footages of her loitering outside their units.

Many Police Reports Made; No Conclusion

Just like the Tampines neighbour from hell, it ended up the same way: police reports were made but as it’s a non-arrestable offence, the police can’t just arrest her.

A police spokesperson said, “As the reports were for non-arrestable offences such as intentional harassment, noise pollution and mischief, the housewife’s neighbours were advised to lodge a magistrate’s complaint. All involved parties were also advised to keep the peace.”

It’s unknown how many times the police were called in, but one neighbour showed that there were at least 17 reports made, and also complaints to HDB.

After the old neighbours moved out, the new occupants allegedly faced the same issues and have also called the police in.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

What’s the Solution with Neighbours from Hell?

If you’ve lived in this world long enough, you’d know that bastards and bitches live amongst us, and if you’re unfortunate enough to live beside them, then here’s what you should do based on HDB’s website:

Talk to Them
I’ll just skip this because if your neighbours are B&B, you’ll have high blood pressure from talking to them

You can seek help from grassroots leaders or from a Community Mediation Centre, whereby someone (a third party) would help to solve the problem.


Well, the name itself sounds scary enough, because it is: it’s legal recourse, and it should be used as the last resort. You can apply for a court order like injunction (An order for your neighbour to stop doing something) or if you’ve a crazily high ego, an apology (An order for your neighbour to apologise to you).

Of course, if you want to, you can go for the easy solution and just move out. Just like the six families you’ve just read about.

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