Everything About the Snapchat Gender-Swap Filter That Everyone’s Playing Now

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Who here still uses Snapchat? I kinda forgot about its existence ever since everyone moved over to IG stories.

If you’ve deleted Snapchat, you’re not alone.

The IG Story pioneer lost 5 million users in the first nine months of 2018 as more people moved on to Instagram.

However, Snapchat seems to be making a comeback with its latest filter, the Gender Swap filter.

Because let’s face it: everywhere you go, you’d see images of your male friends turning female, and vice versa.

So what’s this Gender Swap filter all about?

Gender Swap Filter

It’s actually a very simple concept: using a new filter in Snapchat, male faces would turn female and vice versa in real time, and here’s why it’s so addictive: it looks very realistic.

It’s so real, people can’t tell the difference. I mean, look at this:

Can you tell who she is?

I mean, who he is?

If you’re still not convinced, just download the app and try it yourself. To get the best effect, ladies who have long hair should tie them up, or keep them out of frame.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

A Huge Comeback

Since the release of this filter, the app has seen 7 million downloads. Now talk about a big come back. People all over the world are getting tickled by how they would look if they were a guy or if they were a girl.

The spectrum of the reaction by the public to this ranges from downright hilarious to serious.


People always warn that you cannot entirely trust the picture that you see on one’s Tinder profile picture. In fact, can you truly trust anyone on the internet?

Source: Giphy.com

The Business Times reported that people are using the filter to lure unsuspecting men on the app.

Source: Twitter

Some of the pictures look so real even I can’t tell whether it is a male or female.

An interesting result has come out of this prank, as men are starting to realise the number of rude and disrespectful comments some women can get on this website.

This could be the start of a campaign for men to not objectify the ladies on the app but to talk to them in a respectful way.


In this day and age of gender fluidity, some people may be curious about how they would look if they were born a different gender. Some are not too happy with this filter and are saying that this app portrays gender as binary.

However, others say that this app is just in good fun.

Summer lovin’ 

I love it when people get creative in creating their own renditions of songs they love. An all-time favourite song is the ‘Summer Nights’ duet from ‘Grease’.

What this man, with a YouTube channel named Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ, creatively did was to turn his head to face the camera whenever he needed to sing the female part and look away whenever he needed to sing the male part.

I definitely had a good laugh over this one.

People in the comment section are already asking for more of such videos.

Famous people

Some people have hilariously tried to use the app on beloved celebrities.

Source: Asiaone.com

The first of such would be JJ Lin. #Singaporeanpride I would say that I prefer him looking like a man.

Next, Benjamin Kheng!

Source: Instagram

I would say that this app is pretty accurate because there is such great likeness to his sister Narelle Kheng!

Hope you had a good laugh about this! Try it already, if you haven’t.

Oh, by the way, you’re still wondering who’s that pretty girl we’ve shown you earlier?

It’s Romeo Tan.

Image: Instagram (romeotan)

Convinced now?