Everything you need to know about Android Pay & why they’re so confident despite coming in last

Android users, you will probably be excited with this piece of news that I’m going to share with you.

Google, the developer of Android, the hugely popular smartphone OS that is found on many smartphones in the market, is set to introduce the latest player in the mobile payment market.

Google is rolling out Android Pay here in Singapore and Singapore is set to be the third country after the US and the UK for Google to be introducing their mobile payment system. Singapore is also the first country here in Asia to have this system (Yay, first!).

Here are some facts about Android Pay that may interest you

What is Android Pay
Android Pay is the latest competitor to hit the mobile payment systems market, following closely behind Apple’s Apple Pay and Samsung’s Samsung Pay applications.

Android Pay differs from others in this sector in its design, in which users of Android Pay can expect a simple and user-friendly experience while using the system.

The user-friendliness of the system is due to the system not requiring users to repeating authenticate when making individual purchases, unlike Apple’s Apple Pay which requires fingerprint authentication for each transaction.

How is it different
One thing that sets Android Pay apart from the rest is that Google has worked out partnership deals with various merchants such as Singapore Airlines, Uber, Deliveroo and Zalora which allows purchases using Android Pay while using their apps.

In addition to in-app purchases, Android Pay also has partnered with NTUC in their Plus! Reward programmes which allow users of Android Pay to enjoy privileges together with the loyalty programme. Another feature of Android Pay is that it is compatible with any phones running on the Android OS which is NFC-enabled.

This makes it much more accessible for it users as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay is only available to their users who have the latest devices which enable both payment solutions.

Why you should be excited
If you wish to use Android Pay, one of the places where you can enjoy exclusive deals when using the system is at McDonalds, which was announced as one of the partners for Android Pay.

For a limited period of time from Jul 7 to Aug 3, with every minimum purchase of $6, customers get to enjoy a $2 discount when paying using Android Pay in all McCafe outlets.

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