Everything You Need to Know about The Infected Male Mosquitoes Released in Braddell Heights in 60secs

Remember when we wrote about the existence of commando mosquitoes a couple of months back? Well, it’s happening.

A Field Study That Will Revolutionise the Battle against Dengue

The NEA is conducting a field study on Wolbachia and it’s effectiveness against the worsening dengue situation in Singapore.

The disease-ridden mosquito, when it mates with an uninfected female, will stop her eggs from hatching.

With this, NEA hopes to get as many mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia as soon as possible and reduce, if not eradicate, the population of mosquitoes.

Or the plus side, it’ll also help with Zika as well.

Releasing of First Batch of Mosquitoes

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) released 3,000 Wolbachia-infected male mosquitoes at Braddell Heights on Tuesday morning, 18 Oct.

Traps will be placed in the area to gauge how far these infected mosquitoes are able to fly from the release point in Jalan Sukachita.

Two more sites to be added to the study

Other than Braddell Heights, NEA will introduce infected male mosquitoes to two other sites, Tampines West (28 Oct) and Nee Soon East (15 Nov).


Not Everyone Loved the Idea of Introducing more Mosquitoes into the environment

Everyone loved the idea of killing off mosquitoes but the one major reaction that people have is this: Thank god I’m not living there. More mosquitoes to suck my blood!

I won’t blame you if you’ve thought like this, unlike the internet experts, but here’s a fact you have to know: male mosquitoes do not suck your blood. They are practically vegans.

Female mosquitoes are the ones that need your blood and typically, it’s because they need the protein to lay their eggs.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: commando mosquitoes do exist after all. And now, they’re deployed for

And now, they’re deployed for field camp.

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