Everything About The River Valley Childcare Allegations You Should Know


Have you heard about what’s going on at River Valley? Not the high school, but the childcare centre located at Jalan Mutiara off River Valley Road. I’m sure you have because small little monsters kids were fed faeces and rotten fruits.

Here’s a little background for those who are not aware of what happened.

Sam’s Early Learning Centre Allegedly Mistreated Children Under Its Care

Image: news.asiaone.com

Earlier this year, Sam’s Early Learning Centre came into the limelight for the wrong reason. A series of images which allegedly depicts the horrifying conditions of the children under their care went viral on the internet. And oh boy, were the netizens pissed

A kid was shown with faeces spread all over his body, and other children were captured sleeping on the floor without mattresses. 

Rotten fruits in the kitchen were captured on film and these fruits were allegedly fed to the children. Milk powder was also discovered in the bin, allegedly from caretakers who forgot to feed the children and decide to throw it away instead. 

A police report was lodged against the centre and an investigation was launched into the matter. 

Now, before you get your panties in a twist and start going, oh my god, if even childcare centres can’t be trusted, who will take care of my kids?! Chill.


There’s more to the story than meet the eye.

Parents of the Children in the Childcare Stood with the Centre

Image: news.asiaone.com

On Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017, parents of the children within the childcare centre stepped forward to vouch for them. They said that their children were “very happy and healthy”, and they never heard any complaints from them.

Sam’s Early Learning Centre Explanations for the Photographs

In a statement to the media, Mrs Samia El-Ibiary, director of the childcare centre, stated that while the images were taken from the centre, it was used out of context. 

Believing the images to be taken and posted online by an unhappy former employee who has returned to China, she explained the context of each image to the media.

Image: news.asiaone.com

The child with faeces spread all over his body have the habit of pulling off his diapers while having bowel movements during nap time. During this incident, the child was cleaned by a cleaner while a teacher distracted him.

The kids lying on the floor were actually doing stretching and breathing exercises.

The milk powder was spilt on the counter and thrown away for hygiene purposes.

Image: news.asiaone.com

The rotten fruits were uncut and meant to be thrown away. 

Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Says Images Taken Things Out of Context

After news of the childcare centre broke internet headlines, ECDA immediately launched an investigation into the matter. This includes surprise visits, verification of documents and conducting interviews with the parents, children and staff of the centre.

The conclusion of the investigation was reported in Today, where the ECDA concluded that explanations given for the images were consistent with their findings. 

It was also noted that the childcare centre held 24-month-long licensing tenures since 2001, the maximum allowed and is an indication of a high-quality childcare which exceeds ECDA’s requirements. 

So yeah, childcare centres aren’t evil. Not unless you count the exorbitant price you have to pay to put your kids there. Now that’s evil

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