4 Budget Sushi Chains In S’pore That Are Both Wallet-Friendly & Oishi

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Wanna satisfy your sushi cravings without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, today’s your lucky day.

Keep reading to find out all about Singapore’s top 4 budget sushi chains. Be sure to grab your fellow sushiholics and check out some of these awesome sushi restaurants.

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1. Sushiro Singapore

The newest addition to our list of budget sushi places would be Sushiro – which is Japan’s largest conveyor belt sushi chain! It opened its first outlet here in Singapore on 19th August 2019. This also happens to be its first outlet in Southeast Asia.

Located at Tiong Bahru Plaza, this sushi restaurant will have a total of 162 seats, and not one, but two conveyor belts running through the area.

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The bottom belt is for everyone and you can grab whatever you want when it comes around. The top belt, however, is to deliver specific dishes that you ordered from the tablet, right to your table.

What’s even more fascinating is the fact that each plate is embedded with an IC chip, which ensures that it will be removed the moment it goes around the belt for more than 350m – so you’ll always get the freshest item and not one that’s run a marathon on the belt.

How cool is that, right?

Now moving on to money matters. At Sushiro, there are over 100 varieties of sushi and side dishes, with one plate starting at $2.20+. Some of the dishes, like Otoro fatty tuna sushi and Ark sushi, were sold at a discounted price of $2.20 during the opening promotion.

The menu also includes ramen from $5.50+, desserts from $6.50+, as well as alcohol ($11.50+ for beer, $37+ for a bottle of sake). You can also get free-flow drinks for $3.50 per pax, which consists of both hot and cold drinks.

Overall, the price seems super worth it, especially since their sushi is made out of ingredients imported only from Japan.

2. Sushi Express

Sushi Express has certainly earned a reputation for themselves by serving the cheapest sushi ever. They have over 80 different types of sushi and side dishes – from nigiri to sashimi, and all of them cost only $1.50+ each!

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They have a total of 21 outlets in Singapore and they have always been known as the cheapest conveyor belt sushi chain in the country. I mean, with one plate going at only $1.50, what more could you ask for?

However, Sushi Express does not serve noodles or rice bowls unlike most sushi chains, and they lack chawanmushi which is a popular favourite. You’re also not able to separately order your own dishes. Instead, you have to make do with whatever’s going around on the conveyer belt.

Okay, so it may not have everything, but Sushi Express is still a decent place to dine at, especially considering its extremely low prices.

3. Genki Sushi

Image: oo-foodielicious.com

Next up, we have Genki Sushi, which was first founded in 1968. It has quite a number of outlets in Singapore and their dishes range from $1.80+ to about $5.80+. Genki Sushi’s conveyor belt system is known as “Kousoku Express” and it will deliver your food to right to where you are sitting.

You will be spoilt for choices at Genki Sushi as they have quite a decent variety of sushi, including nigiri, gunkan, and sashimi. They are particularly well-known for their mentaiko, and they have seared mentaiko salmon, crab stick and shrimp for just $2.80+, which is a pretty amazing steal.

You can also play an iPad jackpot game upon ordering 8 plates of sushi, which will allow you to either win a free plate or get 10% off your total bill.

So basically, they have tons of sushi at affordable prices and also a really cute and unique delivery system. It’s too good to be true.

4. Hei Sushi

Last but not least, we have Hei Sushi.

Image: The Halal Food Blog

Hei Sushi was brought about by the same company behind Sakae Sushi, and it is Singapore’s first halal conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It has over 200 varieties of Japanese dishes in its menu, which is pretty impressive, and they are all reasonably priced. They have sushi, sashimi, noodles, grilled items and many more!

Hei Sushi currently has a total of four outlets in Singapore.

Regular plates are sold at $2.38, and premium plates at $4.38. It may not be dirt cheap, but it is definitely worth it for the mouth-watering food that they have to offer.

Sooo, now that you know where to find the most affordable sushi in Singapore, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go on a roll and hit up all these sushi restaurants.

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