Everything You Need To Know About The Bukit Gombak NS Hub That’ll Be Ready in 2023

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The size of nine football fields is majestic.

In length, a football field can be anywhere between 100 metres to about 140 metres.

Nine football fields would thus be a total combined length of over one kilometre or a 1,000 metres.

Image: Gfycat

And that, according to reports, is the size of the new NS HUB that is slated for completion by 2023 in Bukit Gombak.

NS HUB -One Stop integrated Centre for all things National Service.

According to ST:

“A new centre to be ready by 2023 will bring all services for national servicemen under one roof, announced Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen on Friday (March 1).

This new centre, dubbed NS Hub, will be “located near the current Ministry of Defence headquarters in Bukit Gombak, along Upper Bukit Timah Road”.

It will be accessible by Cashew MRT station with drop-off and pick-up areas and on-premise parking to improve accessibility for visitors.

Image: Mindef

According to CNA:

“The NS Hub, located opposite Cashew MRT Station at Bukit Panjang, will host medical centres for medical reviews, a fitness conditioning centre for IPPT and an e-Mart for buying NS equipment. The hub will also use technology like facial recognition, automation and analytics to improve visitor experience.”

So that’s basically CMPB, IPPT, Emart and James Bond all rolled into one huge-ass facility.

Image: Yahoo Finance

Various functions carried out at different places

For the unaware, NS is comprised of a tonne of free-wheeling cogs that ensures the NS-machinery runs smoothly.

That there are so many moving parts however is perhaps the reason one different functions are carried out in different places currently.


Here are some of them:


According to their very own website, The Central Manpower Base (CMPB) is the first touch point to National Service (NS) that all NS personnel to be touch base (haha) with.

Their functions include:

  • Administering NS registration process for NS-liable male citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents upon reaching the age of 16.5 years
  • Managing deferment requests
  • Assigning pre-enlistees to the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Police Force for NS
  • Conducting medical screening examination of pre-enlistees to determine medical fitness for NS
  • Managing enforcement matters pertaining to Enlistment Act offences
  • Managing Exit Permit controls for NS-liable male citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Providing auxiliary services such as the management of NRICs and card services
  • Other internal functions including business excellence, engagement and communications

In short, its where NSFs go to for their registration, or for an offender to report if they didn’t attend their IPPT or RT.

Those, and more importantly the place where you get your Pink IC of freedom back when you ORD loh.

(Editor’s note: Your generation you get your pink IC from CMPB? My generation they gave it to our unit leh. But anyways to anyone reading this: ORD lo!)


Fitness Conditioning Centre (FCCs)

Now, for the fit and fighting NSF and NS Men, the 4-lettered vulgarity, IPPT, wreaks havoc on their emotional state.

It is not so much that the IPPT itself is tiring, but rather the aftermath of what failing it brings.

For those who fail, a mandatory Remedial Training (RT) is enforced, and NS folks have to travel to one of the four FCCs for their RTs which are located respectively at Maju (West), Bedok (East), Khatib (North) and Kranji (West).

Not exactly the friendliest locations in Singapore I would say.

That said, the new NS Hub apparently has IPPT and RT facilities for fit and fighting folks to hang out at.


All in one location located conveniently beside an MRT station.

Image: NS.SG

Though Kranji Camp 2 is rather near an MRT station, the walk from Yew Tee MRT Station to the camp isn’t exactly suitable for NSmen. So yeah, this is better.


This place, I’m sure, is one that everyone knows.

If not, how do you explain the throngs of girlfriends wearing the green NS singlet?


Image: Carousell

Can sell one meh, not offence meh?

I mean, its considered a dating location for boys in NS with girlfriends and for girls with boys in NS right?

Although there are many eMarts around, it wouldn’t hurt to just have one more spanking new one for everyone’s shopping pleasure, right?


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