S’pore Ex-Actor Reveals How Nanny Nearly Killed His Baby Who Has to be Admitted to ICU

The name Joshua Ang might not ring a bell, but this image would jog your memory:

Image: Variety

Yeah, Joshua Ang is the Ah Beng who acted as an Ah Beng in the hit movie I Not Stupid. After his shot to fame, he continued his studies, went NS and then signed on as a full-time actor with Mediacorp.

However, he didn’t renew his contract in 2010 as he wanted to work on his own business. He is now working in sales for a liquor company.

Last year, it was revealed that after putting on some weight after proposing to his girlfriend in Bali, they were getting married.

Image: 8days.sg

Soon after, news of him faded away, but yesterday, he posted a lengthy blog post that would definitely put him in the limelight again.

Because his nanny nearly killed his baby.

And I kid you not.

Long Blog Post

Joshua has a blog that’s dedicated to his family, namely him, his wife and his newly born child.

All in all, there are only three posts as they’ve just started it.

The first two posts have about 1,000 views each, and the latest post, which was published just yesterday, had a whopping 100K views and it’s for a good reason.

Called “The Day We Almost Lost Jed”, Joshua opened up about his experience with an “experienced” nanny that was more than nightmarish; it sounded like hell.

What Happened

It’s a super, super long post, so we’ll summarize it instead.

Shannon (his wife) gave birth to their son (Jed) on 1 August 2018, and soon after, they engaged a nanny who’s recommended by a friend. The nanny allegedly had 12 years of experience as a confinement lady and charges $3,000 for 28 days of service.

Sounds good on paper except that according to Joshua, these happened:

  • She didn’t follow the couple’s instructions and did things her own way
  • She often disallowed the couple to carry the baby (?!?)
  • She didn’t use things that the couple (or friends / sponsors) had bought for the baby
  • She used formula milk despite the abundance of Shannon’s breast milk just to save time
  • She overfed Jed so Jed would sleep longer (can one meh?)
  • She poked into their private family matters (okay lah, this one, aunties are like that one)
  • She requested for skin care products because her other clients bought for her (?!?!?)

There were supposedly more, but Joshua dismissed them as he thought she’d have more experience.

But four days later, it turned out that Joshua might’ve made a mistake.

Baby Started to Get Sick

On 8 August 2018, Jed started to wheeze and cry differently. Sensing that something was amiss, the worried parent called the nanny, and the nanny merely said this: “He’s faking it; he’ll be okay in a while.”

Wah, what’s this? Super baby who learns his father’s previous job 8 days after entering the world?

Joshua was still worried but the nanny continued to emphasize that the baby was faking it. When Shannon realised that the baby was warmer than usual, the nanny said, “He’s just warm and perspiring, your house is very ill-ventilated and warm.”

But eventually, the couple made the decision to go to the hospital, and therefore got the nanny to prepare the things needed for the trip (bringing a baby out is like going for outfield; there’ll be “FBO” and lots of things to prepare).

The nanny was apparently not pleased but slowly packed the stuff…and went back to sleep.

Image: Gfycat

The couple brought the baby to KK Hospital and the doctors and nurses immediately rushed Jed to the ER.

What happened next is really something that no parents should go through.

Admitted to ICU

The doctors couldn’t confirm what was wrong, so they sent Jed to the ICU first as they conducted more tests.

By then, it was the next day, and there was a conclusion: Jed had aspiration pneumonia, with milk in his lungs.

Wait, what?!


Apparently, it was alleged that it could be due to the nanny who has overfed Jed and force-fed him, leading to choking. Jed had to stay in ICU and because the drugs weren’t working, he hasn’t recovered.

By then, the poor baby had seven or eight drips on him.

Image: joshanjed.com

The couple went home, wanting to confront the nanny. It turned out that the nanny was prepared; she had packed her things and was ready to be “fired”.

Shannon’s mother even still gave the nanny a red packet, and the nanny went off, crying, but still insisting that it wasn’t her fault.

Then came the twist.


It was More Than Overfeeding

Joshua had a feeling that it was more than that and went to check the milk bottles. Turned out that the nanny had cut the teat of the bottle, almost large enough to fit a straw in.

In other words, that’s not a milk bottle anymore seh: it’s like a water bottle instead.

That, apparently, led to a milk flow that was way too fast. Heck, even for an adult, it’d be too fast, though we’ll just let the liquid flow out from the side of our mouth.

But a baby that has just come into this world a few days ago won’t know that.

It Got Worse

Image: joshanjed.com

I can’t even imagine the parent’s pain now, so I’ll just C&P this part to you: “The pneumonia had led to pneumothorax, a hole in his lungs. The bugle was so bad that even his organs were moved to the left. At this point, they had to insert a tube through his chest to remove the excess air. Jed has lost a lot of blood from all that procedures, his blood count plunged and he needed a blood transfusion.”

And soon…

Baby Recovered

This picture would speak a thousand words:

Image: joshanjed.com

Seven days later, he was transferred to the high dependency ward, and the next day, he was able to drink milk from the milk bottle (not the water bottle).


By 16 August 2018, he was finally transferred to a normal ward, and all I can say is that based on Joshua’s words (I circled the text), he must be damn happy when he joked about this:

Image: joshanjed.com

It’s happily ever after, and Joshua did provide details of the nanny. But since it’s still essentially one side of the story, we’re not going to post it here.

If you’ve some time, you might want to read Joshua’s post. I didn’t know he could write sooooooooo well. In fact, if my editor had seen this, he might just headhunt him.

Nevertheless, here’s one great lesson from him: “At the end of the day, all I can say is, never trust anyone with your child.”

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