Ex-NUS Senior Lecturer Jailed For Grinding Against Student’s Thigh On Campus Bus


We all know how public transport can get in Singapore.

Especially during times like rush hour, everyone can get squashed and jam-packed like a bunch of sardines.

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And if someone farts, it’s over.

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The inevitable truth is that there will be cases of accidentally bumping or hitting someone else, in which you apologise and move on.

But some people take the unfortunate opportunity to be a pervert and molest someone.

Unwarranted Grinding

As the saying goes: don’t be a fool, control your tool.

Okay, it’s not an actual saying but everyone should take note regardless.

A former senior lecturer from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Long Yun, didn’t get the memo and rubbed his groin on a 20-year-old student.

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Long and the student were on board the NUS shuttle bus service A1 along Lower Kent Ridge Road on Jan 14 this year at around noon.

Due to the crowd, the female student (unfortunately) stood next to a standing pole where Long also chose to stand at.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Benedict Chan said that a bus movement caused Long’s groin to rub against her thigh and aroused him.

Also good to mention that this guy is married with a kid so that certainly doesn’t help his case.

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He shifted his body closer to her and intentionally rubbed his groin against her left thigh again until he alighted four minutes later.

The girl eventually reported to a campus security officer and to the police with advice from a friend.

Prices To Pay

You really have to feel bad for the victim.

The girl has said that she is now afraid to take the shuttle bus for fear of being molested again.


I mean damn, she even has emotional breakdowns thinking about it.

Who can blame her? If someone came up and started touching me all weird I’d be traumatised too.

She was also provided support by a university pastoral staff for a period of time.

DPP Chan called for the court to sentence Long to not less than 14 weeks’ jail which was eventually the final sentence given on 17 October.

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His lawyer initially asked for eight weeks as Long as a first-time offender but get that stuff out of here.


At the very least, the guy pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and is also offering to compensate the student.

A little hard to compensate trauma, eh?

Long has been terminated from his job since February and has since attended counselling sessions to rehabilitate himself.

See guys, just because you have a PhD in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University and on the Honours List for the Faculty of Engineering doesn’t mean you can do crap like this.

You do the crime, you do the time.