Ex-SIA Girl Shares How She Got Injured During Work & Had to Undergo Multiple Surgeries

Workplace injuries are scary.

Sometimes, they can even destroy friendships, like the elderly man whose story got into the headlines just recently.

And now, an ex-SIA girl took to Facebook to share about her own experience.

Ex-SIA Girl Shares How She Got Injured During Work & Had to Undergo Multiple Surgeries

On 19 June, an ex-SIA girl who goes by the name of Shu Wen took to Facebook to share about the risk of being a Cabin Crew:

And oh boy was it an interesting story.

It allegedly involves a passenger who shouldn’t be allowed out into society, let alone a plane; a doctor who talks better than he does things and another doctor who seems to think he knows best.

Workplace Injury

According to the lady, she was working on a flight and was helping with baggage stowage when a passenger slammed her bag in from behind her.

Her right hand was dragged into the compartment and she was left dangling in midair with her hand in excruciating pain.

The lady who caused the accident, however, simply sat down happily, ignoring the injury she had caused to someone else.

The Doctor

After landing back in Singapore, this ex-SIA girl went to Changi General Hospital where she allegedly met with an orthopaedic.

She claimed that the doctor didn’t listen to her, insisting that he “knows every crew’s problem” and gave her two steroid jabs on her shoulders.

She felt better after 2 months of medical leave and went back to flying.

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That’s When Things Took A Turn For The Worse

She was happy at work and enjoying herself, but she was feeling more fatigued than her colleagues on the flight.

Just before a flight to Paris, a quarter of her body was paralysed.

Rushed to the A&E, she got better while waiting.

The orthopaedic-on-duty allegedly accused her of wanting to “geng MC” (pretending to be sick to get medical leave).

Worried, she insisted on getting hospitalised and getting her body checked out.

She was eventually diagnosed with a large cervical slipped disc.

While the orthopaedic-on-duty did eventually apologise for his thoughtless comments, the ex-SIA girl wasn’t happy.

What if she had not insisted on getting herself checked out?

Unable To Claim For Compensation

Because she did not get a scan done at CGH, no doctors were willing to certify that her injury was a result of the accident on board the plane.

So she couldn’t get compensation from SIA insurance or MOM Workmen compensation and had to leave her job.

She worked part-time at the GP opposite her previous home and had to consistently buy strong painkillers because of frequent pain.

Her doctor checked her out and found out that she had a muscle tear and her shoulder muscle and tissue were “fraying”.

She underwent multiple surgeries to fix the problem last year.

Covid-19 Made Things Worse

During Covid-19, physiotherapy was considered “non-essential” so she had to stop her sessions.

Swimming was non-essential so she had to stop her swimming regime, resulting in pain coming back.

She had tried to get a full-time job with SIA but was rejected due to “medical reasons”.

Thankfully, she managed to land full-time employment after CNY this year but the offer froze because of Circuit Breaker.

Be Kind To Cabin Crew

She ended off the post by emphasising that while the job of a cabin crew might seem glamorous, there are many risks involved.

She implores for passengers to be kind and considerate to cabin crew members.

After all, they are humans too.

You can read her full post below:

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