Ex-Taiwanese Boy Band Member Wu Zun’s 9YO Daughter Asks Sultan of Brunei To Ban Smoking

Fahrenheit is a name I haven’t heard in a pretty long time.

Image: Giphy

So here, have a listen for the memories:

For those too young (or too old) to know, Fahrenheit (飛輪海 Fei Lun Hai) is a Taiwanese boy band formed in 2005 with the members Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, Wu Zun, and Aaron Yan.

Don’t ask me why Fahrenheit doesn’t translate to “华氏温度” in Chinese. Sometimes the world doesn’t need to make sense.

It’s relatively short-lived though: in June 2011, Wu Zun left the group to focus on his acting career, and later on also became an ambassador for Brunei Anti Narcotic Drug Association and international brand ambassador of Royal Brunei Airlines and for Taiwan tourism.

If you’re wondering what he has to do with Brunei: he’s Bruneian. And that he also almost became the Prince of Brunei.

But enough of the guy, because today we’re talking about his 9-year-old kid, who also appeared on the TV reality show “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

It All Started From A Video About Climate Change

In a Weibo post, Wu Zun revealed that he showed his daughter a video about the dangers of climate change. 

Image: Weibo

What he didn’t expect was that she sent a letter to the Sultan of Brunei the very next day asking for a ban on smoking. 

Here’s the letter, hand-written with a very useful infographic:

Image: Weibo

Letter To Sultan Of Brunei Asking To Ban Plastic

In Dec 2019, she did it again. This time asking for a ban on plastic. 

The letter seems to have been written by Shayna and Caitlyn. Nei Nei became very concerned after she went on a school trip to Berakas Beach to pick up rubbish and picked up six full bags.

They warn against the use of too much plastic and how it will affect marine animals, saying “By 2050 there will be more rubbish than the fish in the ocean!”

“Clearly our planet is being swallowed up by plastic. We need to reduce and stop littering our beautiful country. The time has come for people in Brunei to say no to ALL plastic to save the marine animals and keep Brunei safe and sound.” 

Image: Weibo
Image: Weibo

 And she’s god damn right. 

Friendly Reminder: We Sacrificed Australia To Climate Change

Okay, fine. Australia is still standing as a country. But have you seen the bush fires?

Image: Reddit (u/Luciferthefalln)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen enough apocalyptic movies to know where we’re going. 

But back to Shayna. Wu Zun made several donations under his daughter’s name to WWF, Team Trees and Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) for the bushfires. 

In the Weibo message, Wu Zun also said “The Australian fires are too heartbreaking.. This is already a very cruel warning! Let us all make a difference to protect their futures.”

Image: Weibo
Image: Weibo
Image: Weibo

But hey, I guess we live in a timeline where people would rather listen to children crying for help rather than the climate scientists who had been warning us about climate change since the early 19th century


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