10 Ways to Prevent Excessive Sweating in a Hot Country Like Singapore

Last Updated on 2022-09-26 , 12:30 pm

In hot and humid Singapore, sweating is inevitable. It creates body odour and makes you completely uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, sweating is normal as the body is letting off steam literally. Sweat cools down the body and helps it to function as it should.

However, excessive sweating is a whole new level! It inconveniences you, and makes you unpopular with friends, colleagues and even business associates!

But it can be stopped. Read on.

Use higher strength deodorants
Check with the pharmacy if you have to, but buy deodorants that are higher in strength that help you to reduce excessive sweating. You also need to note the right timing to apply them. Most deodorants work best at night as the active ingredient has to go into the skin and block the sweat duct. If you use it in the morning, it is likely to get “wash off” by sweat.

Bring your deodorants with you
If you work out in the sun most of the day, it is wise to bring your deodorant along and use it in the middle of the day. While the effects are not as great as applying it at night, it does help to stem off some excessive sweating.

Choose clothing that are not body-hugging
This is especially true for ladies but guys who like body-hugging t-shirts should take note too. Clothes that are body-hugging tend to heat up the body and trigger your sweat glands into hyper drive.

Keep a handkerchief handy
Singaporeans are not big on handkerchiefs, but they are great to have around when you have problem with excessive sweat. Having one on hand means you can keep yourself dry whenever you need to wipe off excess sweat.

Monitor what you eat
Lunches are the one thing we look forward to during the weekday, but please avoid chilli, pepper, garlic and onions if you have an important meeting after lunch. These food cause you to sweat more and make your sweat smell bad too. So, remember, avoid these foods!

Choose the right fabric
Choosing the right fabric for your clothes makes a big difference. Take note of the label and choose clothes made of moisture absorbing fabric or those with high cotton content.

Bring a change of clothes
If you have a function in the evening but need to work for the day, bringing a change of clothes will be ideal. You will be able to wipe or wash off the sweat and change into a fresh set of clothes.

Splurge on athletic clothes
If you have the need, splurge on athletic clothes as these fabric wick away moisture faster than other kinds.

Wear it only once
Some people like to recycle their clothes before washing. If you have excessive sweating issues, don’t! Wear your clothes once and wash it. That will prevent the clothes from getting unpleasant smells.

Pick the right bed sheets and comforter
If you tend to sweat at night during sleep, make sure you pick the right kind of bedsheets (read: cotton) and choose a light weight comforter so that you do not get too hot. Having a shower in the morning can also help you to wash away the sweat from the night before.

You can watch this video to learn some tricks on how to keep cool in Singapore’s hot weather: