Experts’ Suggestions on Which Part of the Body to Spray Perfume On So It’ll Last Longer


Last Updated on 2020-11-24 , 5:29 pm

Given how hot and humid Singapore is, applying perfume or cologne is something most, if not all of us do.

But do you know where are the best body parts to apply your perfume on to have fragrances that last the whole day?

Here are the best body parts to spray perfume on as suggested by experts.

After knowing this, one bottle of perfume might be able to last you for one month instead of just two weeks #justsaying

1. The inside of your wrists

Remember the Chinese sinseh of the past? They’ll hold your hand, use their index and middle finger and place it on the inside of your wrist to measure your heartbeat. Pulse points are where your body is the hottest, and this helps to enhance the fragrance of your perfume.

2. Behind and top of your ears

Another pulse point is located behind the ears. Apply some perfume to the top area of your ears as that’s the body part least likely to dry out.


3. Your collarbone

Because there’s a natural depression in the area of your collarbone, it allows the perfume to settle in easier and if you’re in the habit of wearing tank tops or spaghetti straps, it’ll give you more surface area for the perfume to exude from.

4. Inside elbows and behind knees

Both pulse points, dabbing perfume in these areas has a bonus effect: it helps to minimise the odour coming from the joints (they tend to accumulate sweat and musk if kept bent for too long).

Make sure to keep these areas moisturised too as the perfume will last longer.

5. The calves and ankles

Spray some perfume on your calves and ankles as these are the body parts that are used in motion through most of the day. This also helps the fragrance waft around you when you walk past.


6. Your hair

Perfume stick to fibre for a long time, and that includes your hair. Spray some perfume on your comb and comb it through your thick luscious hair. When you walk past someone and strands of your hair fly into someone’s face, they’re going to fall for you.

Just note that the alcohol content in perfume will dry out your hair so use this method in moderation.

7. Your Clothes

As mentioned in #6, perfume fragrance sticks well to fibre. What better place to fix your perfume on than your shirt or top where it’ll stay with you for the entire day?


In the art of perfumery (I just came up with that word myself, sorry), just remember this sentence: where there’s heat, that’s the place to apply your perfume.

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