5 Most Extreme Facial Treatments People Actually Subject Themselves To

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Being beautiful is hard work. We spend thousands on skincare products and treatments so that we can remain youthful and get stuck in the past.

But how far are you willing to go to look good, no matter the pain? For some, it’s all the way.

From spreading blood to using snake venom, here are the 5 most extreme facial treatments that people really do.

Blood Facial

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, spreading blood all over your skin is now a novelty.

The popular vampire facial or more officially known as PRP Facial is where you use your blood to rejuvenate your face.

The doctor will draw a couple of vials of blood and isolate the platelets and plasma through a centrifuge. You would then go through a micro-needling process before the platelet-rich plasma gets added back into your face.

After you are done, you are not to wash your face for at least 8 to 12 hours no matter how many times you scare yourself in the mirror.

Just stay home and draw the curtains.

Despite how it looks, it’s a painless process. Before the procedure starts, numbing cream will be used so you do not feel any pain from the small needles piercing into your skin. You may feel a slight prick when they draw your blood but that’s all.

In a way, this is kind of sadistic but what can we say? All in the name of beauty.

Unfortunately, PRP is banned in Singapore by the Ministry of Health. I guess we won’t be seeing red Halloween ‘masks’ anytime soon.

Acne Mesh Treatment

Ever wanted to play Tic-Tac-Toe on your face? Now is your chance.

The Acne Mesh Treatment is used to treat traumatic scars and produce more collage.

Small threads will be inserted using multiple needles under the scars to give skin support. The threads will create a mesh cushion under your scars and build collagen over time.

Drastic changes such as minimisation of pores and scar removal could be seen in four to six weeks.

Your face will even look bouncier too. However, all these amazing effects can only last for at most 1.5 to 2 years.


I don’t know about you but the thought of inserting multiple needles on my cheek in the pattern of plaid for a temporary effect sounds like a living nightmare to me. Especially since I am trypanophobia.

Live Snail Facial

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of snail masks where snail extracts were used to repair and smoothen your skin. But why get the preserved kind when you can get the benefits straight from the source?

That’s right, I’m talking about letting snails roam around your face, leaving slimy, gooey mucus in its trail. Although that seemed like a disgusting idea, snail mucin works wonders for your skin.

Snail Mucin contains proteoglycans, a natural moisturiser for the skin. It heals cracked skin and boosts collagen as well.

Here in Singapore, you’re able to experience these tiny snails sliding around your face at Limmys Aesthetics.

If you are worried about the snails being dirty or violent, don’t be for their snails are raised on a strictly organic diet and they are bathed three times a day.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

These snails are not only healthier but cleaner than most of us. Since your filthy paws touch your face all the time, why not let some snails?

Chemical Peel

Are you one of those kids that enjoy putting glue on your hand and peeling them off? If you are, you would love chemical peels.

A chemical peel is where they mix at least 4 different kinds of acids to create this solution that helps treat acne, acne scars and pigmentation.


It will cause peeling and your skin will be hypersensitive for some time after but at least it will look beautiful.

A chemical peel is not for everyone since it does contain AHA and will burn your skin. Plus, you are required to live like a vampire for a week to three months, depending on the severity of your peel.

The good news is you get to see yourself shed like a snake while you work from home. Just try not to be so close to your camera when you have virtual meetings.

Snake Venom Facial

Here in Singapore, we all know that when we see a snake, we have two options:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Call Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) hotline at (1800) 476 1600 and not 999. Only call 999 when you see a snake eating a child.

However, in Beverly Hills, they do things a little differently there. When they see a snake, they take its venom and put it on their face.


Since snake venom is known to paralyse the muscles, scientists realised that this effect is perfect for people who are looking for a less evasive procedure.

This allows clients who are trypanophobia to get the Botox effect without having to go through the needle.

Imagine spreading venom that is known to kill mankind all over your face for beauty purposes. What if it goes in your eyes or mouth? Do you think it’s worth it?

So much money and so many risks are involved when it comes to trying out facial treatments. Even regular facial treatment not done right will scar us not to say these extreme facial treatments.

Regardless, some of us would still want to go through these treatments for its exclusive experience and hype generated around it. I know, I do.


Feature Image: ThoughtCo / Women’s Health Mag

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