7 Facts About F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023, The Race That’s Still on Despite Minister’s Corruption Probe


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Singapore has been a longstanding host for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023.

Even if you’re not a fan of racing or don’t pay much attention to mainstream media for updates on the race, you’ll surely notice the fact that it’s Singapore F1 Grand Prix season when you see more ang mohs than Singaporeans scattered across Marina Bay during that time of the year.

Reader: Eh, F1 is still happening? I thought there was a probe on the Grand Prix owner?

Good job for keeping up with the news, reader. If you’ve been following the news about F1, you might be aware that there is an ongoing investigation against some big names tied to the event.

The key figure being investigated is Ong Beng Seng, a Malaysian property tycoon and hotelier, who was issued a notice of arrest after being linked to a probe involving Transport Minister Iswaran.

Both Minister Iswaran and Ong Beng Seng were arrested on 11 July 2023 but were later released on bail. 

Interestingly, until today, there’s still some secrecy surrounding the investigation as no details are given on the nature of the probe.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 Will Still Go On Despite Minister’s Corruption Probe

Despite all the drama surrounding the owner of the rights to the Singapore Grand Prix, the show must, and will still go on.

Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong said in Parliament that preparations for the race are already “at an advanced stage,” and the government is working with “all partners involved to ensure the success of the race.”

In the meantime, here are seven fun facts about the upcoming F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 that you can use to impress your friends and become the cool kia in your friend group. 

When and Where Will the F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 Take Place?

The F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is set to take place next weekend from 15 September 2023 to 17 September 2023. 


The races across the three days will start at the following times:

15 September (Friday)
Practice 1: 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Practice 2: 9pm to 10pm

16 September (Saturday)
Practice 3: 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Qualifying: 9pm to 10pm

17 September (Sunday)
Official race: 8pm

It will be held at the iconic Marina Bay Street Circuit, known for its stunning cityscape backdrop.

Thousands of lights will illuminate the Marina Bay Street Circuit, so you can guarantee that it will be the most visually spectacular race around the world and also a romantic date spot if you have a girlfriend lah.

But unfortunately, if you’re a single dude who dislikes going out or being stuck in traffic, keep this date in mind to steer clear of the crowds. 

Be prepared for some road closures in Marina and Padang due to the race, with public transport timings extended during race days. Honestly, the whole of Singapore, mainly the Marina Bay area, will confirm be packed to the brim with tourists and F1 fanatics. 

Don’t say I never warn you.

Current F1 Driver Standings

If you’re a fan of the F1 race, keep an eye on the current F1 driver standings this year.


Right now, Max Verstappen is leading the charts with a whopping 364 points. For those unaware, Verstappen is the 2021 and 2022 champ. 

This year’s Singapore Grand Prix might not be make-or-break for him, but for drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz, it’s a golden chance for them to step up and snag a spot on the podium.

Free Guided Tours for Guests to Visit Exclusive Zones

To prevent the fear of missing out, the Singapore Grand Prix is dishing out awesome free guided tours as long as you have a ticket, so you can get a sneak peek behind the scenes without spending an extra dime. 

But as these tours are like hidden treasures, they are pretty limited.

The free guided tours bring you to catch all the good stuff—such as the race control room, media centre, and even the podium. Each tour is around 75 minutes long, and you can catch them on specific dates.

You can also mark 14 September on your calendar because that’s when the Pit Lane Experience goes down. Lucky 4,000 folks will get to cruise through the F1 Village and check out the garages even before the engines rev up. 


All you have to do is enter the ballot here. Don’t say I never jio.

Exciting Entertainment Lineup

Racing aside, we can’t deny that the F1 Singapore Grand Prix has always been known as a massive entertainment hub that draws crowds, even from folks who couldn’t tell a race car from a go-kart.

This year, the F1 Singapore Grand Prix is introducing over 80 hours of entertainment spread across eight stages, featuring 139 acts. 

We’re talking big names like Robbie Williams, American singer-rapper Post Malone, and alternative rock band Kings of Leon.

And let’s not forget Jackson Wang—if you’re into him, you might want to brace yourself for the screaming fangirls!


There’s also a whole lineup from Asian-American record label 88rising, including Indonesian singer Niki, South Korean rapper Bibi, the emerging girl group XG and more.

Even if you’re a complete newbie to F1 like me, you’ll still find some familiar faces to get excited about.

Kid-Friendly F1 Race at Alkaff Mansion 

Don’t ever think that F1 racing caters to only adults. Something super cool is happening up at Alkaff Mansion on 9 September from 11am to 8pm. 

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, 1-Group will be having a mini F1 circuit that’s kid-friendly and showcases classic cars. It’s perfect for the young racers in your family.

The mini F1 circuit will be held at Telok Blangah Hill, which has been transformed into an F1-themed wonderland equipped with not just any regular cars – you’ll spot vintage gems like Mercedes and Rolls Royce, along with other classics that’ll blow your mind!

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 Track Length is Shortened to 4.928km

Due to construction near the track, they’re making some big changes to the F1 course. 

They’re turning the part between Turns 16 and 19 into a super-long 397.9m straight stretch. That’s gonna make the trackway faster and smoother, but it also means there will be fewer twists and turns from 23 to 19.

Thus, the track length will decrease from 5.063km to 4.928km, and you can expect the race to go from 61 laps to 63 laps. 


Amber Lounge Launching 15th Anniversary Post-F1 Party

If you’re a party animal who loves Marquee and ZookOut, let’s just say this one is on a different level.

This year, Amber Lounge is marking its 15th anniversary in Singapore at Millenia Walk after its debut in 2008. 

Guess what? That’s likely even longer than most of your relationships that couldn’t last.

But jokes aside, Amber Lounge is the ultimate F1 event known as the world’s most exclusive after-party, where you’ll find celebrities, F1 drivers and VIP guests.

You can still score tickets for the party even if you skip the race. Ticket prices start at $800 for an individual pass on Saturday and $1,200 on Sunday.

Meanwhile, cocktail tables cost $3,000 on Saturday and $4,000 on Sunday for four people.

Now, what’s so good about the Amber Lounge after-party? 

Well, it’s held its prestige as past parties have been graced by F1 hotshots such as Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen and more. 

But let’s be honest, for most of us, it seems like a party we can only live vicariously through our screens. Our wallets aren’t ready for that kind of spending.