Shoving Face into Birthday Cake Can be Fatal Due to Sharp Sticks in Modern Cakes


Last Updated on 2022-11-21 , 12:00 pm

If you have a life, you’d have celebrated a birthday before.

If you have friends, you’d have celebrated a birthday with friends and cakes before.

And if you’re rich, your cake might look like this…

Image: Pinterest

…instead of this:


Well, here’s a PSA for people who’re rich and have lots of friends: if shoving a birthday boy’s or girl’s face into the cake is part of the tradition, then it’s time to abandon the tradition.

And no, it’s not because it’s unhygienic due to COVID-19.

Because cakes are getting a tad more sophisticated nowadays.

So sophisticated, it now has “bones” within it.

Shoving Face into Birthday Cake Can Now Be Dangerous Due to Wooden Sticks in Cakes

A Facebook post has gone so viral, it now has well over 81K Shares.

Lest you can’t read:

This picture is dedicated to all those who like to push the bday boy/girl’s face onto the cake

Sometimes they build the cake too high therefore it needs the wooden sticks to hold as support.

So after seeing this picture I hope you think twice before doing it

So, is this true?


Well, yes, and it could well be scarier.

Dowels in Cake

Technically speaking, these are called dowels and they’re used to support multi-layered cakes—all for the gram, of course.

With more people buying from customized bakers instead of from BreadTalk, you can expect each cake to be much more sophisticated.

This is a video that shows how these sticks are placed inside the cake:

Looks innocent until you shove a pretty face into the sticks.


Dangers of Shoving Faces into Cakes

There have been multiple injuries reported after the happy tradition went wrong.

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A Reddit thread listed a series of unfortunate events that followed after a face met a cake:

  • Teeth were knocked out (very, very common)
  • Frost got into a person’s nose and she has to go through “emergency frosting removal”
  • Missing the cake and knocking directly on the table
  • Candle almost hitting the eye

Just…don’t injure yourself for that moment of laughter.