The Science Behind Air Fryers That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Fried foods are so ambivalent– they give so much satisfaction but yet so much guilt. (but I still continue to devour into my fried chicken anyways)

But what if I told you that you can eat fried food in a healthier way?

Ooh senpai do tell me more

The magic is done by air fryers. To break it down, it’s simply frying using air. Very hot air.

Eh you kidding me right? How to fry using air?

Air fryers use Rapid Air Technology, which literally means “very fast air”. Hot air is circulated at a very fast speed and helps to fry your food evenly (less chaoda)

The hot air dries the exterior of your food which gives them the crunch.

Image: hewise

Huh but how does the air go in when it’s closed?

There is an exhaust fan on top of the fryer which helps to circulate the air. It thoroughly filters the extra air before releasing them.

The cooling system ensures that fresh air passes through the filters to the bottom.

Image: Healthy and Wise

Ok…so how is it healthier?

The Rapid Air Technology helps to fry your food with up to 80% less fat, according to Philips, the pioneer of air fryers. It only requires a spoonful of oil to air fry.

Wow, but it’s just a fryer…is it even worth investing in?

This is where most people misunderstand our handy kitchen helper.

Most air fryers are capable of doing other forms of cooking as well, such as baking, roasting, and grilling. It basically functions like an oven, but do note that you will have to purchase the extra accessories.

Huh? Then might as well buy an oven?

No lah, an oven takes so much longer to cook your food!

An air fryer can cook your frozen fries within 15 minutes and even bake a cake within half an hour (just enough time to exercise off the guilty pleasure…)

Also, there’s no need to preheat the oven, which saves so much time.

Also, since all the cooking is done inside the fryer, it actually creates a safer and cleaner environment as compared to deep frying (no more cleaning splattered oil!)

So to sum it up for y’all who can’t understand all the tech terms, air fryers are basically a healthier option to eat savory food in a shorter time (maybe faster than calling for delivery).

As someone who can’t tahan delays in delivery, I’m sold.


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