FairPrice Apologises For Worm Found in Salmon; Says Nothing is Wrong With Existing Stocks


Now, what do lizards, a S-hook and a worm have in common?

Are they my colleague’s best friends?

Does Goody Feed’s resident cat like to munch on them?

Can they be found in my wallet (which has no money in it) now?

Have you also downloaded our App and/or joined our Telegram channel?

If you’ve said yes to all of them, good on you, though they really aren’t the answers that we are looking for.

Hot in the news following lizards found in Irvins’ salted egg fish skin snack, a S-hook found in Giant’s kok zai snack; the third-instalment of “What (additional) ingredients are in your food” features a silly-little looking larva found in a salmon fillet from a NTUC FairPrice outlet at Bedok Mall.

Image: Lianhe Wanbao Reader

Salted egg fish skin, S-hook and Salmon, damn I smell a conspiracy here, not.

Larva, Salmon Fillet, NTUC

Reported first by ST yesterday, a “family discovered what looked like a worm in a piece of chilled salmon fillet bought from a supermarket last Saturday (Jan 12).”

While preparing dinner, Mr Lin, 56, who declined to provide his full name to ST shared that her daughter “found what seemed to be a live worm crawling out of the piece of fish” which was brought from the NTUC FairPrice outlet at Bedok Mall.

According to the report, “Mr Lin, an engineer, then took the packet with the fish fillet back to the FairPrice outlet, where he got a full refund for the product, which cost $12.80.”

Image: Giphy

Investigations and Apology

Unsatisfied with just being Fair on their prices, NTUC had reportedly “engaged an entomologist who found that the insect was the larva of a moth or butterfly, which feeds on fruits and vegetables,” as part of their fair and thorough investigation.

Image: Giphy

This is a butterfly.

An NTUC spokesperson said:

“We are unable to conclusively ascertain how this insect was found on the salmon as claimed by the customer. Fruits and vegetables are also sold at a separate section at the supermarket in question” and “this appears to be an isolated incident as checks on existing stocks did not reveal any anomalies and we have not received any similar feedback recently concerning the product in question.”

In other words, or actually the same spokesperson’s word: “NTUC FairPrice is committed to upholding a high level of food safety standards and the farmed salmon products we offer comply with internationally recognised food regulations and standards.”

They have since made an apology to the customer.

Arrrrrr, that so-very-difficult to churn out word that has been plaguing another organization.

AKA sorry.

Lest you are unaware, Singpost has been plagued by a series of less-than-acceptable viral complaints which have well and truly tarnished its image (for the time being I hope).

Incident 1


Andy Lau, a Facebook user in Singapore instead of a Heavenly King, complained about how the postman in his area merely knocked for a few seconds before leaving a collection slip.

Incident 2

Last week, a Singpost staff was caught red-handed cheating a customer who had engaged their flyer services.

In both cases, Singpost’s responses sorely and wholly lacked an apology which inevitably led to an online furor.

Singpost then wisely decided to openly apologise on their Facebook page two days ago.

Here’s Singpost’s…..uhhhh….post…. for you:


In other words, they were saying sorry for not saying sorry previously.

Good job NTUC. Learn from them lah, SingPost.

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