NTUC FairPrice Offering Discounts for 500 Essential Items to Offset GST Increase


Last Updated on 2022-11-08 , 12:36 pm

Worried about the rise of Goods and Services Tax to 8% in 2023? FairPrice has your back.

For the first six months of 2023, they’ll be offering discounts on 500 essential items that customers purchase the most frequently. These include fresh fruit, vegetable, meat, staples, dairy, detergents, paper products and household cleaners.

This will help to offset the GST hike and moderate the cost of living, so that the community continues to have access to affordable daily essentials. These discounts will apply across all retail formats, including FairPrice online.

FairPrice’s Discount Schemes

FairPrice has been offering lots of discounts recently, including lowering the prices of popular rice products in October, cooking oil in May, and eggs in April.

They’ve also launched the Greater Value Every Day campaign. It includes the Everyday Low Price scheme which freezes the price of 50 popular daily essential products every month, rotating the items amongst a list of 500 essentials. The campaign also includes up to 50% off items weekly under the Price Drop Buy Now scheme.

Seniors get to Save Even More, with discounts for Pioneer and Merdeka Generation, as well as CHAS Blue card holders.

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Other than these discount schemes, FairPrice has their own brand of household items that are priced affordably. They claim that their products are “all priced at least 10-15% lower than comparable popular brands”.

If you often buy food from Kopitiam and Cantine food outlets, don’t say bojio: NTUC & Link members get 10% savings when you order or pay via the FairPrice app!

How Do They Manage to Provide Such Discounts?

Stepping up efforts to support customers amidst rising inflation, FairPrice employs strategies like diversification of sources to protect customers from price fluctuations.

They also work with suppliers and government agencies to increase food supplies. Additionally, they set up a Supply Chain Ops Centre that provides supply chain analytics, which helps them to adapt quickly to market conditions.


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Also Did Similar Discounts For Previous GST Hikes

FairPrice has been backing Singaporeans up since 1994, when 3% GST was first introduced.

During the last GST revision in 2007 from 5% to 7%, they also offered discounts on 400 essential items.

Since NTUC FairPrice was founded with the mission to moderate the cost of living in Singapore, do continue to look out for discounts and deals from them!

Featured Image: Shutterstock / Heng Lim