FairPrice Stop Selling ‘Inauspicious’ CNY T-shirt After Netizens’ Harsh Comments


A Chinese New Year T-shirt that was sold in FairPrice has received hate on social media as of late.

I have two questions.

Firstly, FairPrice sells Chinese New Year T-shirts?

Image: Giphy

Secondly, who designed this shirt?

FairPrice Stop Selling ‘Inauspicious’ CNY T-shirt After Netizens’ Harsh Comments

Facebook group RedAnts posted a picture of the scandalous Chinese New Year shirt with a seemingly innocent caption in Mandarin which translates to: Would you dare to wear this for Chinese New Year.

The post has since garnered more than 200 shares.

The comments for this post were telling of their disagreement…

Image: Facebook (RedAnts 红蚂蚁)
Image: Facebook (RedAnts 红蚂蚁)

Let me explain (explanation courtesy of STOMP) The Chinese character ‘shou’ stands for longevity. When it is printed onto clothes, it can be loosely interpreted as longevity clothing. Kinda like the garments that are used to dress the dead at funerals.

That escalated quickly.

And it looks like FairPrice is being really quick not to let the situation get out of control because they have since decided to pull the t-shirt off the shelves.

Quick thinking and wise choice imo.

A FairPrice spokesperson has since replied saying, “We thank customers for their feedback, and understand that the product in question may, unfortunately, be misinterpreted as being offensive to some. We seek our customers’ understanding and apologise if it has caused any unintended meaning other than wishing for Longevity.

The item has since been removed from our stores.”

Well, I’m glad that they made that decision.