WhatsApp Message of S’pore Going to DORSON Red & On Lockdown Are Fake

If your parents or grandparents are beside you now, tell them this immediately: “There are fake news of Singapore going to DORSON Red and that Singapore is on lockdown. It’s also not true that bus and MRT will reduce or stop altogether.”

Done? Okay, here’s what happened.

WhatsApp Messages of S’pore Going to DORSON Red & On Lockdown Are Fake

While Facebook is clamping down on fake news by reducing or removing the distribution of fake information online, it’s not that easy to cramp down on WhatsApp messages.

After all, it’s a closed platform and it’s not spread by algorithm, but by fears.

Today, a WhatsApp message has been circulating amongst Singaporeans. It purports that Singapore is going on DORSON Red, will be on lockdown and that bus and MRT services will reduce or stop altogether.

That is untrue.

You’d know about this if you’ve subscribed to the Government’s official WhatsApp system, which you can do so here.

Instead, Singapore is currently still on DORSON Orange, and people are advised to do social distancing to maintain our curve:

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From 11:59pm today, new measures would be implemented, and that includes the closure of entertaining venues such as cinemas and KTV outlets.

But it’s still not a lockdown and public transport is definitely still going to continue.

If your parents and grandparents are still beside you, let them watch this video, please:




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