Famous Korean Fried Chicken Chain, Mom’s Touch, To Open First Store At Paya Lebar

If there’s one thing Singaporeans can vouch for, it’s our love for all things new. We already have a new airport and an upcoming new waterfront.

But soon, you’ll even get to feast at a shiny new restaurant located in a giant new mall.

Double whammy.

And listen up folks, it’s not just any restaurant, it’s the Famous Korean fried chicken brand, “Mom’s Touch” that has already graced South Korea with 1,200 stores.


Fyi, that’s 3 times the number of 7-Elevens in Singapore, just so you know how established this brand is.

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Why Mom’s Touch?

Why Mom’s Touch you ask? Well, this restaurant prides itself in preparing hand-battered and hand-breaded chicken that’s doused in generous amounts of a secret blend of seasoning.

Its main aim is to replicate the way a mother would prepare a meal for her family: with lots of tender lovin’ care.

Expect crispy, juicy chicken packed with flavour that’ll keep you coming back for more. After all, there isn’t anything quite like ‘home-cooked’ food.

Image: Mom’s Touch

Some things on the menu include Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken, priced at an affordable $8.90 for a set meal. You’ll get to enjoy crispy chicken drenched in Mom’s Touch signature homemade spicy sauce.

Image: Mom’s Touch

If you prefer some hot buns, try the Mom’s Thigh Burger, which costs $8.20 for a set meal. There’s also the Mom’s Spicy Thigh Burger priced at $8.50 just in case you want to turn up the heat.

Singapore’s First Store

For those of you who are already drooling behind your screens:

Fret not, the wait will soon be over, because Mom’s Touch first store in Singapore will open on 30 August 2019 at Paya Lebar Quarter, a massive new mall located conveniently beside Paya Lebar MRT.

How’s that for Eastside best side?

Image: Yahoo

Plus, the mall has over 200 stores just in case you’re in the mood to jalan-jalan the calories off after your meal. You might even want to pick up a pair of running shoes while you’re at it. *coughs*

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In-store Promotions 

To commemorate the opening of this highly esteemed Korean fried chicken restaurant, all customers will receive a 50% discount off an a la carte burger or Korean fried chicken from opening till 1 September 2019.

You can also add on $2.50 for a combo meal that comes with Cajun fries and a drink.

Special thanks to No Signboard Holdings Ltd for bringing in Mom’s Touch. Psst, they’re also the geniuses behind No Signboard Seafood, in case you’re wondering.

Don’t forget to jio your fellow self professed K-pop fanatics for the love of Korean fried chicken. Yes, I’m talking about all you BTS and Blackpink fans.

Image: Giphy
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