Some Partygoers Still Party Last Night, Said ‘Catching the Virus is Better than Staying at Home’

One of the most unfortunate things about the Covid-19 outbreak is that successfully combatting the pandemic is dependent upon the judgement of humans.

You would think that a mammal who is able to grasp complex mathematical concepts and invent a 3D printer would understand the phrase “Stay at home”.

But no. Humans will always do whatever they want to, even if it endangers an entire country.

Some Partygoers Still Partied Last Night Despite Warning

Yesterday (25 March), some nightspots publicised their intention to hold “farewell” parties, after authorities announced that all entertainment venues, including bars and nightclubs, would be closed from 11.59pm on Thursday (26 March) until 30 April.

The authorities were like bruh, that defeats the whole purpose of a closure.

And the nightlife operators were like we hear you.

The authorities said “These events undermine the campaign against Covid-19 and increases risk to public health. If you are planning to attend, we urge you to seriously reconsider, if not for your own health, then for the health of those around you”.

And while some nightlife operators did cancel their party plans, many didn’t, and Singaporeans flocked to the clubs and bars as if they were going to die the next day.

Actually, to some, not going would be worse than dying.

“Better than staying at home”

One 19-year-old diploma student, Shane, said he went to Zouk with a few of his friends despite the advisory to avoid mass gatherings because contracting the Covid-19 virus is “better than having to stay at home”.

You’ve got to hand it to this teenager, he’s really taking selfishness and stupidity to new heights.

Firstly, even if he recovers from the disease because he’s young, isn’t he aware that he could pass it on to his parents and grandparents who may not be strong enough to survive it?

And what about all the other Singaporeans he’ll come into contact with?

“One last night of fun”

Another partier, 21-year-old Jaelyn, said she went ahead with her party plans despite her parents being worried because “We can just have one last night of fun, so why not?”.

“Which parent wouldn’t be worried about their children going out tonight?” she added.

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“They complained about why I was going to these kinds of places with so many people and asked me what if I were to come home and pass (the coronavirus) to them.”

So, here we have a person who’s fully aware that she could pass a deadly disease to her parents, but is willing to do so because she wants to party.

This is why humanity is doomed in such emergencies.

One businessman, Nick, said he decided to party with his friends because he’d taken the necessary precautions.

And what precautions were these exactly? He said he would be dancing about 1m apart from his friends and sanitising his hands regularly throughout the night.

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Now that sounds like a hell of a party. Certainly one worth risking death for.

Some cancelled their parties or took preventive measures

Now, it should be noted that there were some nightlife operators who actually listened to the authorities, like Cherry Discotheque and Canvas Singapore, who cancelled their farewell parties after the authorities’ warning.


And some of the nightspots that did open ensured patrons were at least 1m apart in queues, took their temperature, and kept alternate tables empty.

Image: Giphy

Now, you might be wondering why all these people are continued to go outside with their friends in large groups even though we have a pandemic.

Well, it all stems from one belief: that only old people are vulnerable to Covid-19.

Young people are also falling severely ill

But this is simply not true.

While initial data from China that showed elderly people and those with underlying health problems were most vulnerable, young people all over the world are also falling severely ill.


And, in case you didn’t know, young people make up the largest group of coronavirus patients in Singapore.

If you’re still unconvinced, here’s what the chief of the World Health Organisation has to say “I have a message for young people: you are not invincible, this virus could put you in hospital for weeks or even kill you.”

We all need to take this pandemic seriously. We shouldn’t think only of ourselves, but our loved ones, friends, and fellow Singaporeans.

Stay at home, practise social distancing if you must go outdoors, and see a doctor if you’re unwell.

And if you really need to dance, dance in your room; it’s better when no one is watching, anyway.



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