All the Available Fast-Food Coupons / Promo Codes That You Can Now Use Before Circuit Breaker Ends

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In 2019, staying healthy is avoiding junk food, going to the gym to exercise regularly and having fish soup at a hawker centre daily.

Fast forward to 2020, and staying healthy is this:

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And since this would be the perfect excuse for you to have more fast-food, here’s a list of all the fast-food coupons you can use for takeaway or delivery.

Burger King

When McDonald’s temporarily said goodbye to us for more than three weeks, Burger King was there for some of us who needed fish burgers to last through the day. So it’s apt that we put them first in the list for not abandoning us during the trying period.

These coupons would be valid until 30 June 2020, and you can download them here.


Just like many other fast-food chains, Popeyes is using this period to promote their app, but Popeyes took it to a whole new level: their coupons are only available in their app, which they’ve apptly called the applusive deals.

You can only find the deals in their app, so if you’re a Popeyes fan, now’s the best time to download their app.

These deals would end on 31 May 2020.


How about a healthy “fast-food”? Then Subway’s the way to go.


The coupons will be valid until 31 May 2020.

Mos Burger

Unlike other fast-food chains, Mos Burger’s coupons, if you can still call them coupons, are unique: they’ve a promo code that takes 50% off your first 3 orders in Mos Burger or Mos Cafe, which is only valid for Deliveroo:

Oh, wells. Still goody enough.

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Domino’s Pizza

Do you know that Domino’s Pizza has Banana Kaya Pizza? Neither do I. But now we all know because they’ve a coupon (or to be more specific, promo code) for it:

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And even free cheese:


The codes are valid until 7 June 2020, and terms and conditions apply, so please check out their website before making any hungry decisions.


And last but not least, Jollibee, the fast-food chain that’s growing so fast that it might be the new McDonald’s soon:

And just for your info, I’ve scoured through all the other fast-food chains’ social media platforms and their websites, and they didn’t appear to have any coupons at the time of writing.


So if we miss any, do contact us and we’d be glad to include them in here.

In the meantime, stay healthy by having fast food at home (I’ve been wanting to say that for years).

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