#FastFoodFriday: BK New Truffle Mayo Burger & Fries Review: Goody Truffle Mayo But Baddy Chicken Patty

Just like BuffLord95, XiaoBeach73 and Mr Bao, I’ve always thought that the #everythingalsotruffle ends in 2017.

And I guess I’m right: walk past any hipster stalls and you’ll see salted egg everything, bubble tea everything or brown sugar everything.

Truffle is so yesterday.

So I’m guessing that someone in Burger King decides to troll us, or someone there is a genius who’s also a trendsetter, because recently, they posted this:

Truffle mayo fries and burgers?

And in this week’s #FastFoodFriday, we decided to check whether that someone is a troll or a genius.


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First Look (Or First Smell)

Anyone who’s familiar with truffle would know this: the garlicky taste might be strong, but the deep musky aroma of truffle is one of its strongest trademarks.

Without the funky smell, it won’t pass its test as a truffle—and this latest addition to Burger King passes with flying colour.

While it’s not as pungent as a durian, the smell is obvious even when one is about one or two metres away; and do remember that we’ve not opened the box of fries and burger yet.

So, how does it look?

That’s when it fails.

Here, a picture speaks a thousand words.

The burger looks like it’s been shrunken; with my big mouth, I can finish it in a few bites. And the colour? It looks remotely like those burgers you can find in bakeries.

And for the fries…

It looks a tad better but it’s suffering from not-enough-sauce syndrome, though that can be forgiven since it doesn’t have the word “loaded” in its name.

Just so you know, the smell burrowed into the office once the food met the air, so if you’ve someone in the house who cannot tahan truffle smell, please fart more so that the smell could be masked.

Now, next: how does it taste?

Taste Test

While the food lacks in cosmetics, the taste is a different story altogether.

First, the burger.

The truffle mayo has a strong truffle taste: the one that’ll choke you a little with its garlicky sensation and its earthly feel. While truffle and mayo sound like a bad combination, the mayo apparently balances the strong truffle taste perfectly, adding sourness that makes it one of the most savoury sauces that I’ve ever tried.

But here’s a disclaimer: if you don’t like the taste of truffle, you’ll be turned off by it because it’s that strong. Then again, you won’t be here if you’re a truffle hater.

However, there’s a big problem with the patty: I’ve the chicken burger and the grilled chicken is hard. I don’t know if the chicken had been a bodybuilder that didn’t skip its leg days, because from what I can tell, it’s chicken thighs and thighs aren’t supposed to be hard.

Other than that, the burger’s pretty decent; my other complaint is the size of the burger. It’s so small (for its price) that my stomach is still growling an hour after having it.

So for big eater, you might want to get something else with it.

How about the fries, you ask.

They seem to use the same truffle mayo, and given that I’ve had high praises for the sauce, you can bet that it’s one heck of a fries. However, it has the same issue: the sauce is definitely not enough. Add more sauce and I’ll shut up immediately.

Would I have it again? As someone who’s ambivalent to truffle, I’ll do so in a heartbeat.

Therefore, if you’re one who likes truffle, then this would be a godsend to you.

Rating: 4/5