#FastFoodFriday: Burger King Kopi Pie & Chilli Cheese Bites Review: Best Pie Ever, Worst Bite Ever

Burger King’s on a roll with their seasonal items.

They’ve got truffle mayo burgers in April and mala burgers in May.

Either someone there is drunk or there’s no more boundary in the fast-food chain: they can come out with anything they deem fit.

Whatever it is, it has sure worked because it made us curious (and eventually bought them).

The latest in their unusual concoction?

Image: Facebook (Burger King Singapore)

Pretty sure someone’s drunk there.

But still, we stole our boss’ credit card and tried to buy it via Deliveroo and guess what?

It’s not available via delivery. We’ve to go to the outlet to buy it ourselves.

So, is it worth the journey and the calories?

Let’s find out.

First Look

There’s nothing much to say about the Kopi Siew Dai Pie: it looks just like any pie.

But I’ve a lot to say about the Chilli Cheese Bites.

I mean, take a look. Not only are they smaller than nuggets, they look…pathetic. At $3.50 for six pieces that has no meat in it, I was expecting something bigger. Or at least something that’ll make me go “wow”.

But a wise man once said, “Never judge a food by its appearance.”

And so, I took my first bite.

Kopi Siew Dai Pie

If you’ve remembered, Burger King has come out with the Teh Tarik Pie and my colleague once said that it could well be the best-est pie ever.

So this new pie has big shoes to fill…

…and it didn’t disappoint.

The coffee taste is strong and thick—so thick that it should be “kopi gao” instead. While the coffee resembles those 3-in-1 coffee from Nescafé, it’s a refreshing touch, given that it surprisingly blends in well with the crust.

However, the name doesn’t match the taste: it’s rather sweet, almost like White Ipoh Coffee instead of kopi siew dai.

(Maybe the person who came out with it is an angmo and thought that “siew dai” means “thick”.)

But thank God it’s sweet because that makes it one of the best pies in the world. In fact, as someone who needs coffee to stay alive, I’ll say that it’s the best-est pie in the world—so far.

Now, here’s a disclaimer: I’m an old man who takes kopi-O kosong, so that might affect my judgement. Take it with a pinch of salt.

However, my colleague, who drinks kopi-c to stay awake, also thinks that it’s a perfect match, though he also believes it’s a tad too sweet for it to be called “siew dai”.


Rating: 5/5

And now, let’s move on to the worst bites ever.

Chilli Cheese Bites

The name already sounds wrong: how can you mix chilli with cheese?

It’s like frying fries with Coke instead of oil: it just doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, the idea is as bad as it tastes.

The chilli isn’t those red sweet chillies but green chilli. After a bite, I wonder if I’ve been given the right item: it’s sour, spicy and a little bitter.

It doesn’t help that the breading doesn’t blend in well with the weird combination.

The entire filling feels like a failed Home Economics project by a bochup secondary school. After taking two of it, I could no longer stomach it and was about to throw it away when my colleague stopped me.

“Let me try,” he said. After taking a bite, he took the entire box away and had it on his desk. “Very nice!”

I wanted to ask him why, but seeing that he’s a weirdo, I guess I’ve known the answer: weirdoes eat weird stuff.

I did ask him for a rating, and he showed me three fingers: which is a 3/5 for him.

But for me?

Rating: 1/5

Maybe you’ll like it, but it’s definitely not for me.