#FastFoodFriday: Burger King Turkey Burgers Review: Christmas Is No Longer Special

It’s 6 Dec 2019…

And you know what that means!

Editor: It’s time… for Christmas!!!

Me: Wait… but that’s 19 more days! 

Editor: Exactly. Christmas is late. Christmas celebrations for the press starts in June.

Me: But. Christmas is supposed to be special! Don’t do this to me!

Editor: It’s too late… the Christmas press release do not stop!

Image: Burger King

Nooooo! With Christmas no longer being special, what do I even celebrate? What do I even ask from Santa?

Editor: …You’re a mid-20s adult.

Shut up, this is why nobody likes you Karen! ALL people are kids to Santa!

And he ruins every one of them equally. / Image: Reddit (u/Tyler8245)

So anyway, Christmas is basically a year-round celebration for the press. Because of that, there’s only one Christmas present I got:

Image: Humansoftumblr

… Back to the topic. Burger King Santa’s Turkey Burgers start at S$5.40 for a la carte, S$6.90 for Value Meals, and S$7.50 upsized.

The Burgers In Real Life

It seemed like BK didn’t have favouritisms for beef this time around, with both burgers being equal in size and portion.



Chicken gets one more pic for no reason.

And on the other side is a slather of mayo.

Both burgers show a good generous layer of turkey ham and the meat:bun ratio seems good thus far, covering to the edges of the buns.

Time for cross-section shots.

The sharp readers will notice that the beef burger seems to have 2 patties, while the chicken is only one.

Somebody stop BK! They’re killing the planet with their love for beef!

But relax. The beef burger is actually filled with two smaller beef patties. And the middle of the burger, where the two patties overlap each other is the magic spot where you get DOUBLE the beef flavour.

I’m not sure whether to be disappointed that it isn’t actually two long patties or excited because we have a surprise beef bomb in the middle, but it is what it is.

Taste Test


For the most part, this actually tastes like most of other BK burgers. The big problem here is that the flavour of beef overpowers the turkey ham, making this taste like mostly a saltier version of a cheeseburger without the pickles.

And then, halfway through eating, you’ll remember that BK also had other beef+turkey sandwiches, which are the Double BBQ Turkey Bacon and some of the Whoppers. And those had a stronger turkey flavour.

So the question is really: why would I get the turkey ham over turkey bacon?

It seems hard to justify choosing this over other BK burgers.


Because chicken is milder and closer to taste to turkey than beef, the combination actually seems to work better here. It is a slight improvement over the Long Chicken.


Considering that the Christmas special is towards the lower end of the BK lineup, I’d say they are reasonable upgrades to the cheaper burgers. But that also means that they don’t feel Christmassy, which is supposed to be special.

(Or maybe this is BK’s hidden message for Christmas to be more accessible regardless of SES, I don’t know.)

Given the choice, I’d still go for the other burger options at BK.

Rating (for both): 3/5